Maids' Correction Time 

On this page we will be exploring the noble arts of tutoring the maid the error of her ways.

You are all invited to contribute.

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1  It is Punishment Time!

2  Your Proposals

1 It is Punishment Time!

The maid is kneeling in front of You. Her services have fallen far below standard. She has been lazy, and it has been a shocking case of naughty disobedience.

How should the girl be helped back on the right track?

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How would You help the maid back on her right track?:


2  Your Proposals

Master Mike :  "The maid should be given a severe bare bottom spanking with a belt until her bottom is red and swollen. This should be followed by a hot soapy enema. A butt plug should be inserted and she should be made to clean the house. She can not remove the plug or expel the enema until the house passes inspection. Repeat as necessary."

Master "M":  You must tie her hands at the back. Put a ball-gag in her mouth and blindfold. Then you must cane her one for each hour of the day."

Maid Maria, Argentina:  "She must put on her nurse uniform to receive an enema. Then she will be caned with her hands and legs tied with cuffs."

Master Dom []:  "The maid should be dress in a simple and poor black and white uniform She must be hand cuff to his collar and then she must clean all the house with his tongue."

Maid Isabella [LLJSLV @ AOL.COM], Northeast US:  "Several possibilities... Leave her in a kneeling position for a long period of time in order for Her to contemplate Her failures. Have her write why she has become a maid, and threaten expulsion. Have her remove her maids uniform and remain naked with no hope of ever wearng her uniform ever again unless she improves. It should have never gotten to this point and a Mistress must be ever vigilent to correct even the smallest error immediately. Constant reinforcment is always required. A severe beating and expulsion from service for a while will be required."

Maid Bunny [bunny13288@aol], USA: " I think she should have a second chance. Maybe a stern lecture would be helpful -- I know it's worked for me. I'm sure she's sorry and would do better next time. I mean she looks so sad. Maid Bunny"

Male Maid []:  "If her work is less then examplary she should be degrededed. She should start to serve as a toilet-attendent. At best in a public place."

Ms Jennifer Jane Pope (Authoress), Southern England UK, []    [Homepage: ]:

The maid should be placed in a situation where her concentration is totally focussed on what she is supposed to be, as opposed to who she thinks she is, for a maid's personality exists only to serve others. I suggest, therefore, that the following steps be employed.

1.) She should be placed in an all-covering uniform that should include full length latex stockings, an ultra tight corset and high cut latex panties that will act as a chastity device, although the girl's bottom should be suitably filled before these are fitted. A cricketer's protective box can be placed inside the panties to prevent unwarranted stimulation and over the whole ensemble, long legged (loose) French knickers should be worn, preferably to mid thigh length and with contrasting white latex frills at the leg openings. The black latex uniform skirt should be full and supported by a minimum of three white latex petticoats, preferably of the type that have a mock lace hem, the more frills the better. The neckline should incorporate a high, stiff rubber collar beneath a frilled latex outer collar, worn in such a way that the maid has to keep her head up and cannot hide her shame by looking downwards. The collar should also be made in such a way that turning the head ! from side to side is almost impossible. Beneath the long sleeves, mitt-gloves should be worn, so that whilst the hands are available for certain basic duties, the fingers cannot get her into trouble. Her ankle boots should be of extreme height - so high that she is forced to walk almost on tiptoe, but not quite, for the ballerina styled boots prevent standing, much less walking, for any period of time and the maid will be required to continue with many duties throughout her corrective training. The boots should also be lockable, so that the errant girl cannot remove them herself. Lastly, a pinafore apron with as many frills as possible should be placed upon the girl.

2). Having dealt with the matter of clothing, we come to the matter of some form of restraint, although you will note that the above ensemble imposes a severe restraint of its own. Ankle hobbles are an ideal starting point and can be of the cuff and chain variety, or perhaps the boots will have fixing rings on their own locking straps to facilitate the addition of a chain. The wrists should be cuffed and connected to a waist belt (which will be largely hidden by the girl's pinafore) by chains of no more than seven inches in length and connected to each other by a chain sufficiently long enough to permit as much hand movement as the mistress considers necessary. A fourth chain, from the central link of this chain up to the collar may be employed, to ensure that the maid may not lower her hands below the waistline.

3). The face, mouth and head. The maid under correction must be gagged and, as she will have to endure the gag for some time, care must be chosen over its selection. A soft rubber ball is ideal, not too large, but not so small that she will be able to utter intelligable sounds. One with a hole through its centre is ideal, with a thin strap to ensure that it does not rotate whilst in the mouth, for reasons which will become clear later. The miscreants ears should now be blocked - there are special inserts, worn by swimmers, available from all sports shops. Now, over the entire head should be worn a latex female mask and a wig of the mistresses choice. A mask with a small hole between the lips is perfect, for, by using a straw, which can be inserted all the way through the ball gag, the maid may receive water without the necessity of removing mask and gag. The neckline of the mask should be hidden beneath the collar, so it may be easier to complete stage three before fitting it.

4). Large mirrors should be positioned at strategic points, thus ensuring that the maid has ample opportunities to study herself throughout her correction. However, what she will see is an anonymous little drone, tottering on (almost) impossible heels, with a bland face and (almost) useless hands. Every hour, she should be made to sit before a long mirror, perched on a high stool and contemplate her position for fifteen minutes. This will exert suitable pressure on her plugged bottom and may cause her to squirm somewhat, but this is a necessary part of the conditioning. Deprived of virtually all hearing and with her own personality locked inside what is virtually a doll, she will quickly understand her true position in life.

5). She may, of course, be spanked, if her mistress chooses, but it is unlikely that such additional punishment will be necessary, unless it is for the mistress's enjoyment, as the sight of a plump bottom sheathed in such a thorough way may be aesthetically very pleasing. A day spent as described above will prove most beneficial for the maid's future deportment and conduct, but care should be taken to make sure that her bowels and bladder are thoroughly emptied before commencing the punishment training. I should be interested to receive your comments concerning my suggestions and also to know if something similar has already been tried elsewhere.

Sincerely yours,


Maid Misty []: Locked into tight corsett and then must jerk off but not cum for next three hours after which chastity device is locked on for 1 week.

Master Michael [] NW UK: After being left in the kneeling position for some considerable time, preferably in an out of the way corner of the room, the maid should be given a moderately severe spanking - over the Master's knee of course! Then she should be given the opportunity to make amends. If suitable penance is performed there need be no further punishment. Otherwise a more severe and prolonged punishment using an implement such as a hairbrush, paddle, belt or cane may be required.

Maid Louise Slut:  Mistress Jen has most definately the right idea of ways to correct and train us maids. Our purpose is to please and serve to perfection, we benefit from being reminded of our slightest failings, shown who is Mistress and who is in absolute control of every part of our being. If Mistress Jen would like to see how effective her correction methods are I'm sure any maid would make herself available for her.

maid jonie [] [Michigan]:  The maid will have a large buttplug inserted prior to latex panties Then 7 inch high heels will be locked on her feet. Then the maid will be required to practice walking like a sissy maid should until she begs forgiveness.

Maid Abbeygail [Abbeygail24@hotmail] [England]:  Dear Madam, I too fell foul of my mistress. My punishment was to be chained up like a dog, inside and outside, of my Mistress residence. All food was eaten on hands and knees. All visitors saw me in this state. I was caned, and whipped, in front of all visitors to my Mistress house. Whenever we went out, I still had to wear a dog collar, and was kept in uniform. Each night I had to beg for forgiveness and promise to do better. My punishment was reviewed on a weekly basis. I was given a number of tasks to complete in a limited time. All tasks had to be perfect, or I was punished further. It took me three months to satisfify my Mistress.

As a reult of this I now take great care in everything that I am ordered to do!

I am a better Maid for my punishment, and now each week when my proformance is being appaised, I ask for 12 strokes of the cane before my Mistress sets any other Punishment.

The Maid Above should be chained up outside in full veiw, for all to see, with a sign hanging round her neck saying 'Lazy Maid Under Punishment, Please Beat Her'

Maid Abbeygail

maid [] Seattle:  Instruction on her short comings, then a good beating

Maid Bobby:  I would treat her by a great dildo

Mistress Me:  She should be given a 4 quart enema and a butt plug is to be inserted. Then she should be given a leather strap spanking until her bottom is bright red (she should be holding her enema for the time being). After the spanking she is to be left on the floor and the butt plug is to be removed. She should not be allowed into the bathroom. If she makes a mess...well, she is the maid!!!

Maid "Sorry":  I too made some mistakes as a maid. Here is one of the punishments I recieved:

I was stripped naked by my mistress. I was then spanked on my bare bottom with a whip till my buttocks were red and I was screaming. Then a 5-quart ice-water enema was given to me and a humongous butt plug inserted. I was whipped again and locked in my tiny room without the ability to expel. Before being locked up, the butt plug was removed. After 20 minutes I couldn't help myself and I expelled all over the carpet. After a few more minutes, the mistress came in and when she saw what I had done, whipped me for about 15 minutes. When She was tired, she let me go for about two hours after which another 5=quart enema was given to me with 30 minutes holding time with a butt plug.

Maidkathy [] Southern California,I would have bound and gagged her with a cock gag to have her think about what she did wrong...i would also have a butt plug in her...

Maid Nina []   If it was me, I would expect to be put into a chastity belt, laced into an 18" corset so I could barely breathe and seven inch heels and then given a hot enema and plugged so I was in cramping agony, unable to scream.

My mistress would then parade me in front of her friends, making me walk slowly across the room, enema burning inside me. She would then release the gag, and I would have to orally pleasure her and at least five friends before the enema was released. A two and a half inch diameter plug would then be placed in my ass and I would spend a week in these items of torment

Maid Sylvia [Kent UK]:  I serve my wife/mistress as maid, secretary and chauffeuse, and she has the following list of punishments: For incompetence: Spanking (3 hard strokes of cane), all tasks next day locked into 6" heels. For less than instant obedience: Beating (6 strokes), then sent out in public in 5" heels for 1 hour. For dissent: Thrashing (12 strokes), then sent out in public in 6" heels for 1 hour. For refusal: Thrashing, then abandoned in public in 6" heels. The humiliation of being sent out last year for dissent was so great that I will never refuse my mistress, or show any hesitation in obeying her commands. I am sure that your maid would benefit from such a regime.

Ms. Bobbie [ ] [] Clearly, the insolent young lady needs some time alone to think about her misdeeds. A half hour with her nose pressed to the corner of the room (holding a penny in place with her nose) would probably suffice. And then it is time for a more painful punishment -- directed, of course, against that one part of her anatomy that makes her a sissy maid instead of a real female. She should present herself to her mistress, apologise, and then ask to receive the penis spanking she so deserves. Of course, she will be expected to lift her skirt and pull down her panties herself, and then hold her own privates in her hand as an offering to her Mistress as her Mistress applied both sides of a hairbrush to the offending genitals. Finally, a nice soothing massage with Ben Gay or other similar ointment should be applied -- sure to leave an indelible reminder in her mind to be better behaved in the future.

Maid Amy Lin:  I messed up several times in my training. It's going to happen! I am a closet Maid and only a few know of me. One night, my wife held a key party for me. This maid should have a key party. The key party I had went like this. My wife dressed me in my frilliest Maid uniform and six inch heals. No make-up and no wig. She handed me an envolope and locked me out of the house. The envolope said that the key was at the park (two miles away) under the swings. I had to walk to the park and find the envalope there. It had the key to the trunk of my car. I walked back to my car, got the trunk open and got an enlolope saying the key to the house is at the park, in the trash can in the wemons room. I had to go back to the park and retrive it. All that time walking in uniform and high heals gave me plenty of time to dodge being cought, cry, and think. I do much better now.

Shauna - sissy maid trainee []: She has not given her mind and soul yet. Her Mistress should concentrate on strict behavior modification. My bet is, that is what she craves. Feed her craving and she will beg to serve. Each day a maid earns her privelidge to serve. I myself see this now. She should be taught the same. I prey and work to never be put in her position. If i am to be punished it will not be for wrong doing.. it will be because it pleases a Mistress to see me suffer for Her.

Dominatrix Deloris, [England]: The maid should be retrained. I would get her out of her maids uniform and take her back to her early days of training. I would start with potty training, progressing to dyper training and then little girl training. When she has learnt to be a good little girl she should be plugged, dypered and made to wear plastic pants and frilly baby pants. I would humiliate her in front of my girlfriends by spanking her knickered bottom in front of them all. At night she would be secured in her cot and left without access to a toilet so she learns to use her nappy well.

Master Christopher Scotland []: As she has fallen bellow standard! I would do the following..... (1) Friday 6pm, Have the Maid in question strip naked, given a pair of pink satin point ballet shoes, I would strap a dildo up her back side, add a ball gag in her mouth. I would then strap her penis up!# after that I would strap her feet together, hand cuff her hands above her head, attach her hands to a pullie and raise her on to the point of her ballet shoes. I would then leave her to take the pain of her point ballet shoes + straining and struggling for at least a couple of hours, or from 6pm until at least 9am the next morning, to let her learn the errors of her ways.

Yours Faithfully Master Christopher

Maid Janet []:  public hairbrush spanking

Maid Heather west of chicago ill. []:  have her clean the kitchen floor on hands and knees

Maid Karin Denmark []:   If first offence a good spanking and half en hour facing the wall with her skirts up.

Maid Daniella Israel []:  basically, the same way i was treated when i was a naughty disobidient maid. i was dressed in an extremely stiff, high and tight collar and a bow tie toghether with a frily pinafore my bottom was bared and paddled with a wooden hairbrush and paddle. finally i was given a severe caning that taught me how i was to behave as it was given weekly for 3 months afterwards. Yours obidiently ( curtsey )
Maid daniella

Maid San Diego CA:  Whip her on her back side for 1 hr.

Maid Imogen Norfolk [imogenjane@aol]:  Train and disapline  as she sees fit to do

Maid 20 lashs at the whiping post

Miss Sinn [] []: In my world the punishment of sissies always fits the crime... so I guess it would depend on what the naughty little thing did...



...wanking with out WRITTEN permission...

(this si one of my personal pet peaves... sometimes these sissies are simply dismissed... as a sissy's little weenie is her own greatest enemy... if she desires to let it control her over me I usually have little tolerance!)

but should I really feel the sissy in question deserves a SECOND chance there is NO third... then I make her masterbate infront of me and my local support group of dominant women... she must use lubrication (ie:toothpaste or bengay...) until she has convinced all of the ladies present that she would rather never touch herself again then see me the slightest bit unhappy!... note: We must be CONVINCED that she is not just saying it to stop the punishment but truelly believes it... this usually requires several hours and several tubes of lubricant... once we are all convinced she is put on probation for a full month... that means the sissy is not even allowed to request permission to be allowed to touch herself...

the reason I rarely go this way unless I truelly see potential in the sissy is because touching herself means not only wanking but all times when a sissy would have to touch my property... ie: washing, tucking....



...wearing panties without permission...

I know sissies love to wear there panties... so mistress use panties a form of punishment I use them as a REWARD...

right from the start I have a sissy who requires training to give me her favorite pair of panties! then i soak or cover them in an adheasive... then I fill them with sand until the material is totally covered with sand... I work the material until it is moves easy and repeat the process until the panties are nothing more than SAND PAPER...! then I sew bells all around the top elastic and in other key areas! when she has been busted for wearing panties with out permission she must remove them and I use a small ruler to slap her little weenee until it is bright red and sore! she must replace her panties with her PUNISHMENT PANTIES! and wear them until I allow there removal... this means all day and while sleeping and bathing...



...slight errors in judgement... ex: not greating an female properly ex: not treating her female clothing with respect ex: asking for anything... (may I have a glass of water... my I use the toilet... may I blah blah blah) not in writen format...

sentence are very good for these infractions... they drive home the infraction and correct the error... usually this is how the rules are learned with me... I don't mention all the rules the sissy is sapposed to know they learn them...

one time a sissy made the mistake of verbally requesting permission to wank... I was so furious I gave her an hour to write... "I will never ask anything of the superior gender that is woman again for I realize that i deserve nothing at all from them and i am given more than i deserve already..."

I gave her 60 minutes to write me 1000 sentences or she would be thrown out for good... and if so much as a letter or a dot was missing she would be thrown out naked with only her car keys!

poor dear forgot a s... but I was true to my word...

well sweet sissy there are some ideas for your little sissy head... i love all sissies and show my love through correction and helping them become the best submissive little girls they can... be good now!

Miss Sinn

Maid Suzee [] [Ohio]:  She looks like such a sweet little maid and so nicely dressed, I think she should be given a second change..... I know I was given a second chance once and it helped, but the second time I was a naughtly little maid I was punished with a spanking and put into a restrictive yet mobile bondage to perform my household duties. I was made to wear my 5" hi-heels and my shortest, stiffest petticoats to show my frilly panties at the slightest bend of the waist. As a result, I have learned to behave like a proper little Victorian maid. Love, Maid Suzee XXXXXOOOOO

Maid Patricia [] [Belgium-Europe]: I think the maid should be dressed in a very frilly and pink uniform and serve at a party so she could be publically humiliated. further she should be put in chains and be gagged at all times(a penisgag). if the mistress so disires she can ad a buttplug i know this punishment worked for me!! Your humble petticoated and uniformed maid patricia(curtsey)

Maid Trine [Norway]: She should be given a serere bare bottom spanking wiht the birch rod. Then placed in the corner for 2 hours, then forced to clean the toilets with her tounge.

Maid Lauren [New Jersey USA]: For simple failures, have the maid lift her dress and bend over for a few smacks. For something serious, or a series of minor failures, the maid needs some forced medidation so she can think about her station in life and how she has displeased the mistress. Sit her down in a quiet room (basement, garage or large closet) and rap a short chain around her ankles and after inserting the padlock throught the links, run the handcuff chain also and close the lock. Her hands and feet at chained together and she can't move. Add a gag and blindfold and let her medidate on her sins. To get the point across if she is a bit dense, put closepins on her nipples. Leave her there until the mistress gets tired of it.

A maid should wear a chastity belt so she can keep her mind on her jobs. When she has done her work in a satisfactory manner, the mistress can release her in the evening so that the maid can enjoy herself. If the work is not done right, then she should be kept in the chastity belt.

Maid Aerielle [] [Scottsdale, Arizona, USA] I see that her tiny penis is the problem here therefore I would turn her into a cum slut by suspending her head down legs strapped painfully wide apart. A funnell inserted in her love hole filled with cum from my stables until it runs over her body into mouth nose eyes ears and hair, and have her masturbated without ceasing limp or not for at least two hours, if she cries for mercy stuff several cum soaked panties in her mouth.

Miss Susan [] [Farnborough] I would put her over my knee, lift her short, frilly skirt, and administer a damn good spanking to the drum-tight seat of her snug fitting knickers.

Mistress Shar [][Indiana] Depends on the maid. Some obviously enjoy punishment, and if this is the impetus behind poor performance, she's not going to get what she wants from me. Have found in situations like that a cold shoulder is far better discipline than any attention could be.

Maid Carolyne []][California] My mistress uses gradually escalating punishments, depending on situations. She starts with telling how disappointed she is. She then may make me wear cuffs and/or shackles while doing my chores (I am always collared!). The next step is a cropping or whipping. If I have done something really bad, she takes me out in public in uniform to humiliate me. On very rare occassions, she will make me service a male friend of hers orally or anally. The ultimate punishment was when I refused that - she had my testicles surgically removed. I have not been a discipline problem since then, I assure you!

Maid Cynthia:   She should be submitted to an extremely severe trashing administered by her Mistress. To continue the punishment, she should be loaned out, for a week or two, to the most severe and demanding friend of her Mistress, with strict instructions that she should undergo a period of intense correction and training. The degree and content to be decided by her temporary Mistress.

Maid Frilly Fanny:  To dress her up in the most humiliating costume possible, with lots of frills and bows, very short skirt and petticoats showing off her very pretty babykins panties, and to leave her outside to clean the windows. Hopefully this will mean climbing a ladder which will show her off even more. Also, cleaning the windows to satisfaction will reflect her very humiliating state and hopefully this will give her cause to think about her actions in future. It will be all the better if there is likely to be people visiting, postman, milkman etc. If this happens I hope we get to see the pictures which when she sees them will help her to remember to be good next time.

maid jackie:  whip her as she irons for her mistress.

Maid to Adrienne  [] [new york] I would beat her and put her in mens underpants

Master Joe [] Grab her breasts and spank her then rape her, then make her walk in a Wal-Mart in her panties only.

Mistress Antoinette []  First thing is that this maid who needs correction, shouldn't be allowed the honor of wearing a maid outfit. She should first be scolded in her panties, bra, and heels. Then gagged and plugged, and made to clean the house from top to bottom just like that. If the house isn't satisfactroy her bottom should be warmed up with a flyswatter. Then she should be made to clean the entire house all over again

Maid Feather:   she would be gagged with the Mistress' clothers dryer lint, taped shut around her little cock sucking mouth! wrapped in an electric blanket, strapped to the punishment table, and left to think about what a naughty maid she has been. so, little maid , are you getting hot? too bad-maybe if i wrap the Mistress' hot sweaty panty hose around your pretty little face, you will remember why you are here. see you later, little slave...

Mistress Sable:  This little maid would spend the night in a very small cage, at the foot of my bed... Her head would be locked through a small opening in the top of the cage. she would be tight laced in a punishment corset, with a chastity lock around her clit. She would be required to kiss and suck my toes all night.

Maid Danielle [] [Ohio]:  I think Ms. Jennifer Jane Pope has the right idea with the ultra-restrictive uniform. I think the miscreant should be abandoned in a public place in that unifrom, complete with all the extras, and forced to walk to her Mistress' home. I would unconditionally accept this type of punishment and would use it to better myself as a maid and to better serve my Mistress

Maid Tricia [] [Denver, CO]: That of course would depend on the maid and he.r Domme. This sissy would agree to be chastised and controled by Mistress. Duties would be done over and over again until done right.

Master [][Australia]:  She should be severely caned and then made to sit on her dildo stool till she cried - then she should be sent for a compulsary beauty treatment l.o.l.

Maid Jenny [][Miami, Florida]: She will have her hands chained to her collar and her ass will be plugged with a large vibrating (AC) butt plug. Wearing her locked 6" heels and her maid uniform. She will be chained to the ceiling by her collar, forcing her to stand and not allowing her to sit or remove her butt plug. Her feet will start to hurt and she will try to expel the butt plug after a few hours of bondage. She will have to learn her lesson a remain bounded for 48 hours. Her ass will be spanked 5 times a day and So she does not complain, she will be gagged with a large locking ball gag. On the second day she would be given the chance to beg for her release and only a true and genuine plea will grant her relief from her constraints.

Master Dan []: Lift her skirt and remove her panties and give her a good hard whipping

Maid Stefanny [Florida]: Tie her arms well above her head, make her squirm on her stilettos,then select a medium length single stranded horse whip (the kind that outragouslly stings), lift up her skirt and attach it to her back (to exspose her rump!) then slowly let the whip snap and scream across her delitful wiggling ass!!! lash her within an inch of her life , while all the other maids witness the torture!!

Maid Samantha [] I would expect to be bent over the whipping table, my sheer black pantyhose ripped from my quivering ass, a butt plug forced up me until i screamed for my punishment to truly begin. After being spanked till i was begging for mercy i would be laid on my back on the floor for my mistress to squat over my face. After i would be put in severe pantyhose bondage, my cock and balls tied up tight, my head covered with a latex bondage mask with only small holes for my nose. My mistress could apply poppers whenever she wanted to force me on my knees to repent.

Maid Jane Simpson [] The maid should be punished with a strong cane, and made to stay up all night polishing silver and generally cleaning. If this is not punishment enough, she should lick her mistresses boots clean, tops and soles, every day for a week.

Mistress [Spain] I can with you

Maid sissie pansi [] [] [California] As the lowliest of sissified maids i couldn't comment on what should happen to some other poor maid, but when i began slacking off and being disobediante, Mistress consulted with Master and They decided i needed a "taste" of what life would be like on the streets if i didn't have a position in a Good House as a maid.

So, for one month, i was required to "date" a Real Man, a gentlemen who runs a rather seedy bar for Leather Men. i was required by Him to wait on the customers as a bar maid and expected to "satisfy customers" who requested it in the bathroom on my knees. Everytime i made the slightest mistake, or dropped anything, or spilled drinks, or failed to be pleasing and smile and "bunny dip" while serving, the gentleman would call me over, bend me over His knees and spank me very hard in front of all His customers. If He received any complaints about my "special services" i was caned in front of the customers instead.

The hours of labor were horrific, from 3pm until 3am seven days a week. And i was required to clean up and maintain the gentleman's apartment, cook His meals, do His laundry on my "time off" with similar consequences for sloppiness.

When my month long "date" ended i was extremely humble and grateful that Master and Mistress took me back in. i doubt i shall ever make that kind of mistake again.

Ms Susan: For simple clumsiness or stupidity, nothing is better than a good old fashioned spanking, in front of others whenever practical. For ruining hose or stockings, a more severe spanking, and a trip out to the mall to buy replacement hosiery while wearing the ruined pair. At every opportunity, attention will be drawn to the fact that the maid has ruined her hose to create more embarrassment. For wanking or repeated touching without permission, loss of potty priviledges and a series of spankings.

Maid Juliana [][SW US]: For speaking without permission, Mistress sent me home but left my collar, wrist and ankle cuffs, padlock ear rings, and shoe locks all secured. She then mailed the keys to my post office box. She kept the key to my chastity belt with Her, and instructed me to return a week later. i was ordered to check the post office box daily during regular business hours. i spent almost 4 days in the same 5 inch heels and stockings, and was a greeted with snickering and whistles by a now regular group of postal workers by the fourth day.

When i returned a week later, i was informed that the chastity belt would remain on for two more weeks, and was gagged whenever in Her service. i was also hobbled so that i would appreciate the "freedom" She had given me the previous week. At the end of the sentence, the chastity was removed, but i was ordered not to come for two more weeks, or i could expect to be locked up for two months.

Maid Trish [] [Peoria, Il]  If i were the naughty maid i would expect my Mistress to punish me with flogger, paddle, and cane, then take me on her lap, tell me i am her little sissy maid, but that i need to improve. She then would give me specifics of the changes she wants from her silly little sissy maid.

Master David [] [Nr Heathrow London UK] My favourite form of punishment is "milking/not to milk". I would tie her spreadedeguled to the bed with a single holed ball gag with a funnel stuck in the hole. I would then start to suck her until she is was hard. Then depending on my mood I would bring her off and spit her milk into the funnel than start sucking until she came again, again spitting her into the funnel, I would then repeat this until I was felt she was sorry, or I'll just bring her to the point and spray her with cold water until she calmed down either way her little prick would be very sore at the end of punishment. Master David (ps the most I've had a tv maid come is 7 times anyone want to try and break that record)

maid pantygag [New Jersey ]That is an easy one. When I failed sucking on my pacifer (Mistress could not hear the squeaky toy) I was taken to a lesbian bar in New York, tied up in the bathroom, my skirt was pinned up, and I wore a sign saying "Please spank me". I enjoy humiliation but this was more than I could bare. I will never break a dish again.

Maid Susan [] [England, Midlands] The maid must be fully restrained, penis gagged, strapped with a tawse and then to complete the humiliation of the punishment fucked with a strap on or a real cock.

maid debra [] [nys/usa] In very high heels she should be made to walk for about a mile for all to see(for her humiliation) and to have to wiggle like a girl as she does walk. One miss and she must start all over again. This is made even harder if skirt is too tight to allow a full step.

Mistress Blaque [] [Va] I'd whip the b*tch with a rubber cat o nine tails, then i'd f*ck the wh*re with my strapon. Mistress Blaque

Master James [] [Australia] She should be severely disciplined and then subjected to cleaning duties while shackled Particular care should be taken to ensure she is properly hygeined cow (anal exercises and cleaning req) Maids in Australia who require this treatment should contact me IMMEDIATELY!!!

Maid Doris [Switzerland] When I was becoming lazy, my Mistress was binding my hands behind, tied my balls really tight, gagged me with my own panty, i then had to kneel on the kitchen table, she blindfolded me with her soiled pantys, tied off my apron and beat me every hour (20 strokes) with my own apron between my open legs. The punishment dured for 10 Hours. Believe me i am now a very obedient Maid

Maid Trine [] [Norway] She needs to feel to remember. She should be severly told off. Then given a dose of the birch rod, bare bottom over a strict masters knee, while mistress and if possible other people looking. Then she must stand in the corner for 2 hours nose in the corner, skirt up, panties down

maid [] [oz] i would love to join her in service to please our mistressin any way she desires

Princess [] [Texas] Require her to wear a more uncomfortable unifoirm/body suit that she will be unable to remove by herself. When she becomes genuinely uncomfortable....she will work harder if she believes she will be released. Princess Rebecka

sissy slave petra [] [europe] i would expect to be stripped, except for leather collar, wrist and ankle cuffs, have my offending parts tigly bound and weighted, a big butt plug with a pony tail inserted. Then have my bottom severelt whipped, while bent over a chair, in front of my Mistress' friends, and then spend the rest of the day crawling on hands and knees and be used as a toy by Her friends...

Master [Denver] severe caning: then stand in the corner with red striped ass glowing. then be kept in genital bondage for a week. For six weeks maid must be kekpt in hobbles and handcuffs.

maid sissy [] [phoenix az] I think a ball gag and a strap on would help

Sissy Maid Stacy  I fully agree with ms jennifer jane pope`s correction idea`s and wish that I will be fortunate enough to have her or a mistress of equal standards take control of my disaplinary needs with some well thougt out disapline

sissy suzanne  [New Jersey] That is easy. One time when I didn't iron Mistress's pleated skirt to her satisfaction I was dressed in my male attire and taken to the mall on a Saturday afternoon. I was made to request a make over at a cosmetic counter (Clinique) and I had to spend the rest of the afternoon shopping with Mistress fully made up and carrying her purse while dressed in full male attire. I am into humiliation but this time I was sincerely embarrassed. I have been ironing very well ever since.

Master Hannes  [Sweden] would dress her in a disposable diaper under the uniform and I wouldn´t let her use the toilet for a whole week. Also barebottomed spankings when the diaper should be changed + some public humiliation.

Sissy Maid Stephanie Swan  [Illinois]  If it were me i would expect to pay for my mistake brutally! First after 100 strokes of the cane i can now hardly walk on top of that a 10 in vibrating dildo is placed in my ass!I am then locked in a tiny cage for 5 hours with nothing to eat but my mistresses shit and nothing to drink but her piss! It is not over, when let out of the cage 50 more strokes of the cane and the dildo is takin out but i am given a 5 quart enema and then i am out in a diaper and girlish clothes and givin a shopping list and i am to go to the store and instructed to release myself in the store once that is done i am not allowed to take the diaper off or wipe myself for the following week!!I get 25 strokes a day after that and on the 3rd day i am put in a small cage and placed in the attic for the remainer of the week! with a penis gag in my mouth and a blindfold on!I am not allowed any food until the day i am released when i get to take off my diaper and have dinner mistress then has me lick her ass clean and i am then given a tube of ben gay and forced to! use the whole tube to masturbate with into a cup after done with the tube my penis is burning but i am not allowed to soak it in any water!And finally i am to eat/drink the cum and given 100 more strokes! YOU DO NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TO YOU! <CURTSY>

Master  [] [Netherlands] Give her a sound caning.

Master  [] First let her take of her skirt then give a long lasting spanking end finally give her at at least 24 extremly hard cane lashes. She probably will not forget this punishment.

Master  [] [Holland] First give her a long lasting spanking with a thick leather paddle then give 40 hard cane lashes then let her walk in a very short skirt with 7 icnh hihg heels on and while doing so she has to show her well striped to the public for at least a hunderd times.

Master  [] [Netherlands]  First I should tell that she has failed to do her duties.

Then I shall give her a long lasting and painfull spanking and because I do not want to burn my hands I use a hard leather paddle and when i am ready, after an hour or so, she certainely is not able to sit for the rest of the day

I always spank the maid but it might be possible that after dinner a more than severe caning is given to her. You should think about 40 real hard cane lashes, it is certanly not the first time that I broke a cane on a french maid's naked buttocks, then I have her walk with 7" high heels to the super market and back ( she certantely is still crying and hardly able to walk) when coming home she is allowed to rub her hot bottom in the corner of the room.

Master Jaap [] I let her kneel down in front of me I keep this going on for at least two hours kissing my shoes every 15 minutes. When the two hours finally are past I send her to the correction corner and let her pickup a extremely heavy leather PADDLE, which is hanging on the wall, she has to kiss the paddle very tenderly first, then the maid must pass the paddle to me and lower her knickers completely when done so she must offer the knickers to me (she is not allowed to wear the knickers for the rest of the day) she lays herself over my lap. I am raising her short skirt and start spanking here I give here really hard spanks and continue the spanking for at least 60 minutes (most times longer)she is kicking her legs and screaming but I keep my ears closed and continue spanking the very naughty maid on until I am satisfied. When the spanking is finally over she is told that after dinner (which she has to serve topless), of course she has to do the dishwashes first, what probably is not done conform my orders so an other long lasting bare bum spanking follows no matter how sore her bottom still is, she is told that she has to receive 100 extremely hard cane lashes which the maid has to count properly (for each lash missing she will receive 10 extra strokes). When finally the caning is over she has to stand in the corner with her burning bottom at midnight she is send to bed. Next morning she has to serve breakfast in an extremely tight skirt over her swollen bottom and has to wear shoes with 7" high heels for the rest of the day.

Maid [] She would need her panty pulled down & given a good strap on fuck up the bum. She should be told while being fucked that next time she will be recieving a real big headed cock down her throat.

Master Hans  Spank her on her nakend bum with a PADLLE for at least an hour (better is 2 hours) then let her sit down on a wooden chair. If she failed to keep sitting down then cane the naughty maid.

Mistress Dorene's Maid francine, Registered Maid #677

[] [Westchester New York USA]

When I have done somthing wrong Mistress Dorene will bind & gag me very tight, in a full maids outfit. And left standing in the middle of the living room in 5 inch highheels. for up to 5 hours. A rope is added to my hands witch are bound behind my back. Then to a pipe over my head, so i can't move, and have to stand. At the same time Mistress will bind my little cock with a very thin string. This will cause me to try to move. And with every little move I make, causes the string and rope that binds me to get tighter and tighter. And as this is going on Mistress video tape the whole scene. She sells the tapes to pay for her vacations.

Goddess Gina [] [] [az] I would pull maids panty's down and give her a very goos spanking. Then I would make her re-clean what ever area I was displeased, and as maid was doing that I would spank her a total of 30 times. Them she would be put on my st.marks cross and left there over night to ponder the error of her ways.

Mistress Sminx [] [U.K] A very similar situation has just occurred with my rather inadequate maid. Although her work was of reasonable standard, I found her attitude quite unacceptable.Therefore,I decided to punish her in the following way: Firstly, I demanded that she strip from her maids uniform (as I no longer felt she deserved to wear it ). I then instructed her to dress in a rather pretty little girl's dress that I had kindly bought for her earlier in the week. She was then required to play in the corner with her dolly until she was ready to perform the act required. When the time was right, the errant maid was required to stand before me and wet her little girl pink panties. Unfortunately the naughty girl had some problem performing even this simple instruction. However, eventually the panties were wet enough. She is now kneeling beside me as I type this. My intention is now to remove all of her clothing, place the soiled panties over her face and suspend her from a hook above the doorframe. I will then whip her until she cries like the little girl she is! I feel confident this will help her to learn her lesson and warn her against offending me in a similar way in future. Mistress Sminx.

maid fifi [] [Seattle] i am a senior maid who has been trained by my wife Domina so my experience may be different than other maids. While i get très excité when reading how others are corrected, my training has been as successful but less, how you say, severe!

Domina speaks very rough to me, orders me over Her lap, pulls up my slip and pulls down my panties and spanks me with Her brosse. my Domina does this until i cry and my buttocks are très red and très hot.

She orders me to first say what i did that was wrong and then to admit that i should have never done that and never will again.

i am Her maid trained to serve cocktails in my aprons, clean Her house and serve dîner in my full uniform. i would never sacrifice all of that by intentionally irritating Her. i try to be a good maid at all times.

Maid Susan:  Punishment must be administered before Mistress's friends and all other maids. The guilty maid should be presented and made to raise her skirt, be turned and bent over grabbing her ankles. Depending on the offense, her pantyhose may be taken to her knees. The maid will count each swat of the paddle, hair brush, or birch rod. After her spanking, she must be made to face everyone to show her tears and shame, and then be given corner time with skirt still raised and pantyhose at her knees.

Mistress: Hogtie, gag and blindfold her for one hour......increase the punishment dosage as appropriate!

maid fifi [] [Seattle] my goal is to please Madame Moira. This is my only goal. So when a maid is so entirely disobedient, i am convinced that the girl's Mistress or Master must dismiss her from service. It is true that there are plenty, plenty maids hungry to serve--- that any major disobedience should never, ever be tolerated. Because i waited many years for a Domina to take me as Her property for training, i would never be so stupid as to be so terribly disobedient. Promptly discharge the girl!

Master Richard [Cleveland, Oh U.S.A.] The maid needs a humiliating, over the knee spanking. Preferably in the company of any other house employees or guests, and with a stout wooden hairbrush or paddle.

Master Tor [tnor80][Norway] She need to stay a couple of days in deap humiliation. Chain her to the toilet and make her wear some tigt trousers that is locked with chains to her ... let her feel dirty!!!!!!!

Maid  I think I should be humiliated. I should have to raise my skirt for my master and have my pussy shaved. He should be sitting in front of me, and some of the other male servents should be present. raising my dress slowly and pulling down the front of my white panties. after my pussy has been shaved i should be bent over his knees and the other servents should spread my butt cheeks apart and they should give me a warm soapy enima then i deserve a spanking while other servents pulled my top down and stroked my breasts. i should have to hold the enema for 20 mins. and they should be able to watch me expell it....then i should be forced to work naked for the balance of the day.

Maid Sissy Jean [Cyberspace][England] Leave her to the tender mercies of an angry Woman, who can see the usefulness of having a totally-feminised, 100% obedient body- and house-maid

Mistress Linda [] [Massachusetts] How do you ensure obediance?

Maid Leela [][Northeast Ohio] I would invite several of my Mistress friends over. We would arrange our chairs in a half circle to await the arrival of Leela. Leela really hates his forced feminization role. Therefore he is to wear his maid outfit with white frilly panties.

As he enters the room his humilation is enhanced by having strangers see him dressed this way for the first time! He is to kneel in front of each Mistress and recite his bad deeds. Each Mistress will in turn put him over their knee, scolding him, and then give ten hard spanks on his pantied bottom.

After his spanks each Mistress will have him perform certain tasks and will punish him as they see fit for any mistakes. Here are some possible punishments: - for being foul mouthed the maid must be given a golden gargle and his tongue will be used to clean each Mistress after she pees.

-for messing up at the grocery store the maid will be given a bare bottom spanking in the parking lot.

-for misbehaving at the department store the maid must select punishment panties, and then carry them all over the store to include the check out line. Then the maid must tell the clerk who the panties belong to and what they will be worn for. --etc. etc. etc....


Mistress Britany [] [Chicago]  i would handcuff her, and then i would blind fold her, take a gag and gag her, whip her bare ass red, then i would make her clean the house naked while having a collar arond her neck and every hour i would stick a dildo in her ass then spank it red for 3 days

Maid Charlotte [] [Edinburgh] I also made mistakes when I was in training. One time my Mistress left me standing in the corner for 30 minutes. Then she handed me a shopping list and told me to walk to the supermarket (2 miles away). Normally I am allowed to change into a dress or skirt before going shopping but this time she made me wear my uniform! I'm now a lot more careful to make sure my work is up to the standards expected by my Mistress.

Maid Satingirl [] [Netherlands] A suggestion for speaking out of turn that I found particularly effective when used on me, mainly because it does no lasting damage and is not visible. I was made to take a large tray of ice-cubes, fill my mouth with as many as possible and suck them slowly. This was repeated when they had melted, until the tay is empty. Not only does it cause great aching pain, my mistress' male friends commented how pleasurable it was to be orally serviced by me after that.

Maid Paula The maid should be dressed in front of several guests in pink nylon panties, a garter and stockings, a pink bra and the frilliest maid uniform. Then she shoul be ass-fucked with a strap-on dildo by her mistress.

Maid [][Scotland] Give a chance to explain with notice if her explaintion is not up to scratch she will be given extreme punishment for life.

Maid [] [New Jersey] When i became lazy, my Mistress put me over her lap and spanked by bare bottom with the hairbrush. After a long and painful spanking, i was required to kneel on a chair in the cornor, my bare bottom perched high and vulnerable in the air, with the hairbrush next to me.

This left me in a position where the remainder of the household could see my shame and, if they wished, could pick up the hairbrush and give me more spanks. Before my punishment was over, all had spanked me.

Mistress Emma [UK] When my slutty maid failed me last I took her into town First we visited a jewellers where sHe had her ears piercedthis was repeated at a second jewellers. Finally sHe had an appointment to keep to have her hair bleached baby blonde. This time i let her wear unisex clothes - next time it won't be so easy and it won't be her ears that become pierced either.

Maid Johnie [][Atlanta] Willful dispbedience needs to be dealt with firmly. The naughty maid should be taken over mistress' knee and spanked in front of an audience, then be made to stand in the corner.

Master John Doe  I want her to spank me, then suck me off while i am forced to eat her pussy and rub her tits for her pleasure.

Mistress Dorene's Maid A, francine, Registered Maid #677  [] [Westchester New York USA] With francine bound & gagged tightly on the toilet, Mistress can work on her paper. Before Mistress put francine in the bathroom she tied a single tight knot just under the head of francine's cock. So francine could not pee, so close to the bathroom but yet so far. After a hour or so Mistress brings francine into the living room and binds her sitting (see photo). With francine bound this way and a little vib put into her panties Mistress can sit back and enjoy her quite time and read and have some tea, and watch the rain. Francis can't move an inch tied like this and the vib is making her crazy. Mistress looks on with a smile on her face. After her tea Mistress lifts her foot and pushes francine to the floor and loves the grunt francine makes as she hits the floor. Mistress bends over the maid puts her back on the stool. Because the fall made the ropes even tighter the maid is in real pain. Knowing this Mistress pushes francine back in the floor. She loves to hear that grunt. Then Mistress calls a friend and gets the pack of needles out.

When Mistress comes home after a long day at work, and a longer night at school. She call her maid francine to come by. To make her a cup of tea.or warm milk. After she binds francine in an extreamly tight hogtie, with her cock and balls tied as tight as the hogtie. She then inserts needles and pins in the maids ass. This is done so the bound maid can't turn on her sides. Just to make escape a little harder. Mistress then puts a few knife's around the bound maid. Then she goes to bed. Will the maid be there in the morning?

Master lil.g:  paddle her

Martine [midlands uk] The treatment would be to find her a very large boyfriend whom she would be maid to service all evening, with of course no pleasure for herself. a nice spiky sheath would ensure both a stretched and a sore bottom

Penny [] [London] This is written from the maid's point of view, as if her master wanted to punish her:

I hang my head in shame, you are correct, I am a clumsy, pathetic maid who deserves caning, I accept fully chastisement of 24 strokes. I walk over to the corner and stand with my hands behind my back, looking down at the floor, my cheeks red with embarassment. I am wearing a short maid's outfit, seamed stockings, suspenders, high black heels, make up, wig, padded bra and tight rubber thong that is keeping my cock and balls snug against my body. I hear you walking behind me, you mutter under your breath about how much of a worthless maid I am... I hear you pick up a slim flexible cane, hear it bend and whip through the air as you test it. You wait for at least half an hour as I am in the corner contemplating my punishment, then you shout "Penny, you have been a bad girl, get over here!" I walk over to where you are standing, keeping my eyes to the floor, not daring to look at you. You roughly push me over a table, force and tie my legs wide apart, cuff my hands behind my back and raise my skirt over my ass. My cheeks are exposed by the cut of the panties, I feel the coldness of the air against them. You ease yourself into my punishment, not straining yourself unnecessarily. You know that I am so keen to please you that I will accept the punishment. You tell me to count each stroke and slam the cane direct and hard into my bare cheeks. I gasp with the first stroke, utter "One" and begin to breathe hard. The second stroke comes in exactly the same place and I squeal slightly before whispering "Two." You turn your attention to my other cheek for "Three," "Four" and "Five." By this time I am red, flushed, squealing like a girl. Tears are beginning to run down my cheeks as the pain increases each time. By "Ten" my sobs are so pathetic that I cannot count for you any more. You are angry at hearing my cries, so you fix a cock gag into my mouth, a master should not be disturbed during his work! "Eleven" to "Twenty" now follow (I moan them into the gag), and there is a lot of thrashing about and squirming on my behalf. My cheeks are red raw, very sore indeed (as they should be.) You look round at my face, see my eyes red and puffy, cheeks soaked, mouth stuffed full of latex cock. "You have been such a bad little slut of a maid, do not ever forget who is Master and who is maid!" Your booming voice drills the message into my head one last time. For the last four strokes, all your weight is put behind them, right into the most sore parts of my ass cheeks. Even behind the gag I manage to squeal in agony, you know I am now a broken maid. You remove my gag, cuffs and binds, I stand up, straighten my uniform and curtsey. "Thank you, Master" I manage to utter, and carry on with my duties. Love Maid Penny

Master Robert: the maid should be whipped across her back whilst sucking off her master/mistress. when sufficient correction has been applied then her owner should ride her around to ensure all the tasks previously not done are carried out. any failure should be meet with pushing nettels up her anus to keep her mind on the job in hand.A tight bridle and bit will be required to assist in steering the bitch,especially useful for holding on while going upstairs.

maid becky (really a young sissy) [][Atlanta] i think maid has shown poor taste in not satisfing Mistress/Master. she need to be ordered to shop for a basic white bra and panty set, change into them immediately, and then shop the mall for at least an hour looking for something else feminine and buying that item and wearing all three home and reporting back to You any noticeable comments or humiliating responses.

Maid petslaveplease [] i wouldn't bother. A maid exists for the purpose of serving her Owner and making her Owner happy. A maid who has misbehaved as seriously as your website indicates should be sent away to a pig-farm to be treated like a sow: fattened, pissed-on, used sexually by anyone who feels like having a dirty pig-girl. If i were in her position i would be a very, very frightened and tearfully reprentant slave-girl. i think the maid just looks sullen. Send her to the pig-farm, mistress: i will serve you faithfully and well. petslaveplease begs to be used

maid staci  maid must forced to maintain the chained kneeling position while serving the needs of MISTRESS during an extended dinner party. Under the table might be required if the disobedience continues.

Maid Maria [] [London] A good caning and then anal sex to remind her she's really a girl

Maid dave [][Oregon] I think her hands and feet should be bound, she be gagged, her hands should be tied to her collar. Her owner should start the tape recorder. She should me told now is her time to beg herself to obey from now on. Her owner should explain to her, that after the first beating, if she does not sincerely plead for another one, she will get ten more. Her owner should beat her with a whip or crop until she is uncontrollably sobbing, at this point she should be made to beg for another beating. She should speak clearly into the recorder, and beg her self to obey, she should recite her terms of servitude, and beg for more whipping. Her owner should now gag her and whip her severely several times, occasionally removing the gag so she may plead to herself to obey her owner, from now on.

maid elinor [] [scotland] i would whip her & not allow her to wear her girly clothes for a few days. she must kneel before her mistress & kiss her feet & beg to be feminine.

Maid in Training Itself "she should stripped of her makeup and beautiful costume and lingerie and forced to wear a smelly male's ragged t-shirt and boxer shorts to teach "her' APPRECIATION for FOR FEMININE CLOTHING!

Humble Maid Jenny [Europe] I think a few strokes of the whip would be in order. I know that knowing the whip is in the downstairs closet concentrates my own mind. My Mistress is kind, but if I fail to please her sufficiently, I have to bend over and lift my skirt. The pain is terrible, and she insits I thank her. My most common offences are forgetting to curtsey, not putting on a clean apron when she returns home, not keeping my brass collar glittering, not ironong her blouse sleeves correctly, sometimes forgetting my place, and talking too much. When I think about it she is quite lenient, I the housemaid should be punished more.

maid [] [Europe] Stressing her submissive, female role by punishment and further feminization. Tihgt lacing will let her know that it was easier to serve well before the start of reducing her waist. Handcuffs when servicing - whipping and huniliation in front of strangers will help too

Maid fifi [] [Los Angeles] Disciplines must be reinforced and priveledges witheld... The stricter and the more sexually humiliating the quicker she will learn her lessons and always perform her duties to please her Mistress in all ways. This sissyslut needs an opportunity to be Your weekly cleaning slave and personnal maid. Trained and eager to perform and serve as this one should be.

Maid Louise [] [Eastern UK] As i am constantly chained whilst in service i don't think that is the answer. I think the most severe way to punish disobedience is the following. Take off the maids panties and insert a butt plug covered in mint toothpaste, this will burn a little. Then take the maids clitty in your hand and stroke until hard. When the girl is hard rub "deep heat" or a similar muscle soothing cream over the length of the clitty and other parts and then fit plastic baby pants on her. Obviously ensuring that there is no way these can be removed. At this point the master/mistress may choose to use a gag as the sobbing may be distracting. Once the maid is "equipped" she should be made to re-commence her duties but to a higher standard.

Mistress- Ms.T [] [Michigan, Detroit] switching, corner time, mustard powder in her panties to provoke her to move

Maid Ricki [] [New Jersey] Have the maid strip in front of other Dominants and submissives, receiving a thrashing from all, then having to serve them all while completely naked except for stockings, garters and heels for the rest of the session.

Maid Priscilla Gay Bouffant [] [Wash. DC] As a sissy maid myself I know what Mistress Penelope would do. After kissing her feet, I would be made to bend over a chair and take a number of whacks with her crop. She would not stop until I was screaming. After that I would be given a warm soapy enema. made to evacuate it, then given a clear one and then plugged. I would have to hold this one in all day, and also to housework wearing a ballgag, restraints and five inch heels. Prissykins.

Master  Spank her bare bottom

Maid Bonnie [U.S.A.] For me after an offense, a trip to the hosiery department at the local mall does wonders for my attitude. I am allowed to wear mostly male clothes. My attire for my shopping trip is as follows: A regular male dress shirt, a pair of khaki shorts (panties underneath), full total support beige 70 denier reinforced toe pantyhose (if cold outside, two pair) with reinforced longleg panty that shows out of my shorts, and a pair of white open toed flat sandals. I must shop around and pick out two or three pair of pantyhose (so all the ladies in the department have had a chance to spy my nylon legs) until my Mistress tells to take them to the checkout counter. Needless to say a trip like this about once a month is all I need to keep me in my place

SissyLaura [] [Finland] Like my ex-wife did to me: She made me dress in black seamed stockings, thongs, 4" heels and a dress and made me take the garbage ot so everybody going there could see my shame. Many by-passers did. And our neighbour too. After that she caned me hard and made me lick her bottom until she was satisfied. We divorced and I miss this kind of treatment.

Mistress Daphne [Surrey, England] You should try the punishment I gave my maid, Babs, when I caught her lying to me. She spent an uncomfortable week in a gag, collar, an anal plug and a tight corset and chastity belt. Over this she wore her 'punishment uniform'. A completely transparent plastic apron and a frilly cap. It is my very strict 'house rule' that Babs must be capped and aproned at ALL times (except in the shower or bed, of course). Wearing an attractive uniform is a reward for a humble and obedient maid, but caps and aprons themselves are the symbols of being a 'skivvy'!

During this week, she was caned and strapped at frequent, regular intervals, to keep her bum permanently sore and well wealed. She was very soon begging to be allowed to apologise and be forgiven. After a week, I 'allowed' her to convince me that she was sufficiently chastened and contrite. I then accepted her apology and told her that her week of discomfort was to convince her of the error of her ways, but she would now have another three days of it as a punishment for the actual offence itself. Babs was not very pleased about this, especially when I increased the frequency of the whippings and actually gave her six days of it and not three.

After it was over, she chided me for doubling the punishment I had awarded, but I pointed out that she now knew how it felt to be let down and lied to, and to let that be a lesson to her! You will not be surprised to hear that she has been scrupulously truthful and honest ever since.

Maid Babs [Surrey, England] My Mistress Daphne is quite right. I learnt my lesson and will never risk lying to her ever again. It was the most uncomfortable and painful TWO weeks of my 'skivvying' for her (she will never allow me to use a more dignified term for being her maid). Apart from the discomfort of the leather items and having a permanently painful bum, when I had to stand up most of the time I wasn't in bed, I missed my usual pretty frilly uniforms, and even the plain practical 'housemaid' ones, but more than that, I found having to wear the 'uniform' of a see-thru plastic pinafore, whilst being naked, extremely humiliating. There is no way I will risk offending my mistress so badly again. I will risk saying, however, that I think her correction was a bit 'over the top', in this case, but after all, she is my mistress and what I think about her punishments doesn't really count for anything. I only have to suffer them. After all, I am only the skivvy!

maid bobbie []  She should be beaten with a man's slipper on her behind.

Skivvy Babs [Surrey, England] This is a follow-up to my earlier contribution (if that is allowed? Lisbet's note: It certainly is! Thank you Skivvy Babs, and of course also Madame Daphne, for sharing these very educating experiences with us).

After Madam Daphne told you how she had punished me for lying, she ordered me to tell you how it felt from the receiving end and whether I thought it had been effective.

During my contribution, I mentioned how humiliated I had been by being made to wear the transparent apron whilst being nude. Madam was furious about this, because I had never mentioned it to her. She said concealing this was tantamount to lying again and began to hint at another week or two of misery for me, but, for some reason of her own, she suddenly decided against this, thank goodness.

She then said that, if I gave her a solemn promise never to conceal such things from her again, I would be given a short token punishment to remind me of the close shave I had just had. I promised, had to strip and put on the see-thru apron again and when I was sent to fetch the senior cane I knew I was in for it. I usually get the junior cane for being 'bad' and what she calls her 'nursery' cane for being only 'naughty'. You know the nursery cane, girls? It is the light thin one which is only supposed to sting and not hurt very much oh yeah! So, I got fifteen really vicious cuts with the senior. (Some 'token' punishment!) Because she was so angry with me, at my 'deceit', she aimed them all at that very tender crease, where legs meet bottom. She is well practised in the art of caning and her aim is 80-90% accurate, so I ended up with an extremely painful narrow area.

I yelped at the beginning and was squealing like the proverbial stuck pig for at least the last ten strokes. I wasn't able to sit down for three whole days and it was quite painful to do my routine housework for about a week. By the way, I did not escape further punishment during this time, because there was a large area of untouched arse available and so were my thighs and calves.

She took photos during the caning and the final one of my bum would make you wince. I still do whenever I see it!

However, her real success was the last photo of me facing her, still naked in my apron, rubbing my bottom, which I am not normally allowed to do. My face is streaked with tears and I am still sobbing my heart out (well, it really really hurt), but she had been maliciously teasing and tormenting me about how I looked in the apron and I am blushing scarlet with shame and embarrasment.

This photo, with the title 'Woeful Babs' has now been put up at strategic points in our house, so that I am constantly confronted with it.

As you can imagine, her friends have all congratulated her on it and even their maids had a good laugh at my expense, until they too found themselves doing their housework nude in a plastic apron as a punishment. One or two, who are really masochistic, appear to 'enjoy' this, but most of them don't and they blame me for it.

Since then, Madam Daphne has introduced more humiliating elements into my life. Every so often we have 'Woe Time'. Precisely at nine in the evening, I present myself in the see-thru apron and am given six strokes with the junior cane and the have to kneel while I confess any other humiliation or weakness that she can exploit. I have been promised that I will be "a very sorry little skivvy indeed" if she later finds out that I have concealed something.

Sometimes 'Woe Evening' is followed by 'Woe Night', when I continue to kneel as she feeds me a large dose of castor oil in small spoonfuls, so that I get the full effect of that horrid taste. I then have to swallow a small innocent-looking little pill, which is, in fact, a powerful diuretic. Then it is a matter of a nappy, rubber pants and a rubber sheet on the bed, in case the pants leak. I always get very little sleep and spend a generally uncomfortable night and then it means getting up an hour earlier than usual to deal with the consequences of the castor oil.

I usually never know in advance when it is going to be 'Woe Time', so I am on tentahooks every evening in the run up to nine o'clock. The last one we had did not include the castor oil, because Madam decreed a 'Woe Day' to follow, when, instead of the plastic apron protecting my 1930-style housemaid uniform while I am cleaning, it covers nothng but my skin.

This means that I have to answer the door to her friends dressed like that when they come round for a coffee morning. Then my apron, well sponged down, becomes the serving apron of a nude waitress for her guests to mock and ridicule, as they try to make my cheeks red with shame as in THAT photo.

I also have to endure the resentful stares of their maids, who line the walls to enjoy the sight of me. 'Resentful'? Yes, because what used to be purely social occasions have now become forums for discussing ways of shaming and humiliating maids and they listen to the conversation knowing that their mistresses are eagerly noting ideas which will soon be tried out on them. Of course, there was always an element of this before, but THAT photo seems to have sparked off a sort of competition to come up with something as good, or better, and the other maids, who used to be my friends, blame me for the change and the new innovations.

There is also an atmosphere of expectancy, because we all know that, at some point, fault will be found with my demeanour, or service, and my arse will be walloped in front of them all.

I heartily wish I had never made the remark to you, which started this all off, but it is too late for that now and I am obliged to reveal any other similar feelings I have. I cannot dishonour my mistress by breaking my promise, but I am also very scared about what might be the result if I did. As I said before, I am only the skivvy.

Maid Jenifer Desiree Scot [] []  [410 W. Patcong Avenue Linwood, New Jersey 08221-1533 USA] Discipline is necessary, as the mistress is to be served, as I am hopeful to do for a mistress in need of a maid. My mistress has control of all I would do, including if she did not like my looks, she may change them to make them suitable for her vision of a French maid, to include my red hair being changed to brunette, and I am willing to agree to sign to the contract, as it is written. the mistress has the rights in contract to make me suitable for her pleasure, and serve all her needs. I will perform those duties to the best of my abilities after my mistress trains me into a perfect servant of her needs. I am willing to serve you. Maid Jenifer Desiree Scot, and I will sign your contract, in agreement with it. Upon our signing of this agreement, I will then be your maid.

Discipline should be used, as it is our agreement as a maid to serve, I would expect my mistress to punish me, yes to include enema, and plugged. It would be uncomfortable, and If I made a mess, the mistress would be correct, and my duty to clean it. I would know my place, once my mistress locked me into my uniform, as I am her maid at that point, and it would be so under contract. Maid Jenifer Desiree Scot The mistress is my boss and owner of our agreement, and I am to sere her at all circumstances, and in uniform, which I must also do, as that is also our agreement.

Master Bob Rowman  Place her on the dreaded wooden pony.

Maid Louise [] I would like to know what Masters/Mistress would to do me in the postion as the maid featured. I would personal make sure she was deprived of her freedom and movement. I make sure she understood that until descide other wise she will be continue to be punished, and the min punishment would last 3 months if she still was not up to scratch I would revock her maid status and make her a slave and all restraint would be wealded on and her punishment would last everyday for the rest of her life. I am avilable to be a maid to any mistress/Master. also avilable for punishment as well.

Maid Marion  I absolutely love MS Jennifer Jane Popes solution and I would consider it an honor to serve as her maid. I would hope that she would punish me that way on very regular basis (such as everyday) so I would be kept on the straight and narrow and would never have time to think about anything else except doing a good job and always wanting to please my Mistress. Maid Marion

maid bridget [] [Dallas, Texas]  My Mistress ties my hands behind my back and ties my ankles and knees with scratchy hemp rope. Then she locks my collar to an o ring we have screwed in the corner of our bedroom. i stand in the corner for an hour or more, all bound up and left alone. Sometimes she forces a large ball gag in my mouth. I really hate the ball gag, but it does remind me to be good. i am currently serving a sentence of 10 hours in the corner, to be served 1 hour at a time. i have completed hour 7. It is lonely and uncomfortable to have to stand, bound and chained in the corner, however i'm thankful that i have a Mistress who cares enough about me to punish me. Your owner should do this to you, and don't forget the most scratchy rope he/she can fine. You'll really know you're being punished when bound with that rope.

Maid Lay Knickers on the bed and tell her she may chosse a pair after service

maid [England] tying up and placing in refuse bin in garden for some time

Madam Rose [Hitchin, England]  Some male maids can be punished in the following way, it rather depends upon their ideas, feelings and temperament.

You just comletely de-feminize them. They then go about their business as men in their frilly uniforms, with an obviously male head under the cap. You might be surprised at the effect it can have.

I did this to my maid Sarah for a week and liked it so much that I made the change permanent. I then reverted him to his own name. He does not mind being called James or Jim, but cannot abide Jimmy, so he naturally became 'my maid Jimmy'. He didn't like this change of name any more than becoming a real male maid, but so what?

I then had a further brainwave and he now spends one week dressed as a conventional maid and alternate weeks dressed in a man's black shirt and trousers with mens shoes and then his usual maid's frilly cap and apron. For the evenings, when he would normally dress as a French Maid, he wears a short-sleeved shiny black shirt with a white collar and cuffs and the shortest tightest possible shorts made of the same shiny satin. Then a long length of bare leg to short black socks and a pair of 'Mary Janes'. I think he looks very fetching in both 'uniforms', but I am well aware that he hates them and much preferred his days as 'Sarah'. Tough! Life can be such a bitch at times, can't it?

He is always very embarrassed when one of my girl friends says something like, "Give us a twirl, Jimmy" and he has to obey.

I do not understand why more mistresses do not have 'real' male maids. It goes back to the tradition of orphanages, when they were not very child-friendly and a runaway boy was dressed in a girl's uniform, both as a punishment and as a deterrent.

No attempt was made to feminize him. He was very obviously a little boy made to wear a frock and pinafore as a shameful punishment and was therefore an object of amusement to adults and ridicule to other children, with his humiliation being increased if he had to wear the clothes outside the orphanage. So, how do I punish Jimmy now that his change is permanent? Well, I have one further refinement, which he absolutely detests. In fact, I would say that it is completely unacceptable to him, except that he has absolutely no say in what is acceptable!

He wears schoolboy clothes of the 'Just William' era and a pretty frilly domestic pinny, with the words "Rosie's Little Helper" embroidered on the bib. For some reason which I do not understand, this is completely 'over the top' for him and when a guest says, "Can the Little Helper bring me another cup of coffee", he goes completely scarlet with shame, which causes a fit of giggling from everybody and makes his embarrassment even worse.

In fact, when he knows I have certain guests coming, who are the most skilled teasers, he pleads with me to be given 'twelve of the best' and be allowed to wear a uniform instead. I agree sometimes, because that can raise false hopes on other occasions when I pretend to be considering the request. Once he begged so desparately to be caned, that he forgot to say it was to be in place of wearing his 'helper' pinafore, so I made him wear it to serve at table and then gave him the twelve strokes he had begged for in front of everybody, after he had served them coffee. He has learned to be more careful now.

So, I commend these ideas for dressing 'Male Maids' to other mistresses. You may not adopt them permanently, but I know you will have a lot of fun trying them out.

Maid Charlene [] [San Francisco Bay Area] Perhaps punish her by forbidding her to masterbate to conclusion for a week or so, but what works from me - is to be required to bend over, pull my panties down, and Mistress uses a leather slapper to redden my pretty little butt.

sissy maid angora [Australia] A maid should be so very, very thankful to be corrected by Her Mistress. If i displease my mistress, i am required to kneel before Her Shrine for the length of time that She specifies and reflect on my misbehavior. Then, i am required to write pages of Lines in which i beg for Her forgiveness and promise to behave in the future to Her satisfaction. If Mistress is really annoyed with me, She takes away my privileges such as permission to "dress up" in Her Presence, permission to Worship Her Body, permission to wear Her Collar or be bound by Her. Mistress keeps me in a chastity belt, but She normally permits me to "milk' myself before Her once every three weeks, if i have been pleasing Her. If She is angry with me, She will often extend my chastity period by several weeks. i am So grateful to Her for helping me to improve myself so that i may exist only to Please Her.

Maid Nikki  The naughty maid should be spanked, gaged and humilated in front of several people that know the maid as well as friends of MISTRESS or MASTER. Perhaps each of these people should also participate or make suggestions to the punishment of this naughty maid Also use an inflatable butt plug, inflate it until the maid is in pain and leave it there for the rest of the day making sure that it stays inflated, towards the end of the day she should be caned. Or even take your maid, in her outfit with you while you go shopping. Maids are suppose to serve their owners and make sure that they obey their every command. I disobeyed my MISTRESS once, she punished me serverly and I never did it again. What I meantioned is what my MISTRESS did to me to ensure that I never disobey her again. Maid Nikki

sissy maid [] [Chicago]  by showing the way to respect your mastor ,mistressand it a privilage to serve them and take pride in dres and obedience annd of corse keeping clothing proper order snd make up caked on with sissy perfection

Maid Rachel [] [El Paso] Be nice to her.

Mistress Daphne [Surrey England]  Since my contribution to this page, followed by the two from my maid, friends have asked me a number of questions, so I would like to answer the three most FAQs here for anyone else who is curious.

1. Why did I let Babs off so lightly for concealing her humiliation from me?

2. Why do I use a lightweight cane, when I have ones which will hurt far more?

3. Why do I call it a nursery cane?

I'll answer them in the reverse order.

3. I thought this was obvious, if not well known. In Victorian days, this was the type of thin light cane used by Nannies on the younger children in the nursery, before they came under the jurisdiction of the Governess and her school cane, which was similar to my 'junior'one.

2. Calling this a nursery cane to a novice maid, implies that the coming punishment will be symbolical, rather than painful. Of course, she soon finds out that all canings on her bare arse hurt a lot, or why bother?

Babs is far from being a novice and she is well acquainted with my nursery cane, so why do I still use it on her? It is for several psychological reasons.

It is much more satisfying for the mistress to be able to use a full-blooded swing and more intimidating for the maid. Furthermore, you can give twice the number of strokes for roughly the same amount of pain and that is also more satisfactory - for the mistress! Babs has confirmed that twelve from the nursery cane seems worse than six from the more painful junior, simply because it is TWELVE strokes and the punishment lasts longer. She is also right when she says that it does much more than 'only sting' when used at full strength 'on the bare', judging by her reaction, of course. I wouldn't know directly, would I?

Finally, don't forget, you can use this cane more often. Indeed, some governesses also preferred to use this cane for that same reason.

When I previously said I caned her frequently during her punishment for lying, I obviously used this light cane, or else she would have ended up in hospital and I would have found myself being asked intrusive questions by disapproving authority.

(Do you know that, not very long ago, an S/M group in England were convicted and sentenced, INCLUDING the fully-consenting adult male masochists who were on the receiving end of the 'assault',? And you thought consenting adults had the right to do their own 'thing' in private, didn't you?)

1. I cannot see how anyone reading Babs's account of her fifteen stokes with the senior cane can think of this as her 'being let off lightly'!

The previous long punishment had badly disrupted my household routine. Babs's function is to scrub and polish for me, not to lie around in idleness, however punitive and salutary her bondage might be. I thought a short sharp caning with the senior was the best solution - for me.

I am always amused when I see photos of maids, especially male maids, supposedly doing housework in high heels and frilly French maid getups. Babs is my House/Parlourmaid and she does her morning's housework in sensible shoes, wearing a pre-war style housemaid's uniform. Very plain, practical and all severity and starch, with a high, tight uncomfortable (I'm told) stiff collar. If she has a wet or dirty job, she also wears a plastic or rubber apron to protect her uniform.

As parlourmaid in the afternoon, she wears the traditional black dress with a fancy cap and apron. In the evening, after she has washed up the dinner things, with a domestic rubber apron over that uniform, she becomes my ladies maid in the usual fancy mini-skirted uniform with high heels.

I enjoy reading a book, or watching TV, with Babs standing motionless against the wall, with her feet together and her hands clasped demurely in her lap, just waiting for an order from me, which may take a long time in coming, while she waits patiently (or impatiently for all I know or care, just as long as she is wise enough not to let it show). I imagine she spends the time thinking about the pile of ironing she still has to do before she can go to sleep, and probably wondering if she will get to bed without another dose of corporal punishment.

Surely this is what having a docile, submissive servant girl is all about, isn't it? The convenience, the very comfortable life-style and, above all, the POWER.

My cane and strap have taught Babs a well-learned lesson that she is only the skivvy, but I am She Who Must Be Obeyed the mistress.


I was very interested to read Madam Rose's contribution. If I had a male maid, I would certainly want him to dress according to her suggestions.

In fact, I have decided to take up two of her ideas in a different way. I plan to dress Babs, occasionally, in black shiny satin slacks and hot pants with her frilly caps and aprons, for an alternative uniform. I think they might prove to look quite attractive on her.

Also, I rather like the idea of 'Little Helper Pinnies'. I plan to get her two. Well, I could not choose between 'Daphne's Little Helper' and 'Madam's Little Helper', as the slogan.

However, these will not be a punishment for Babs. She adores her pretty pinafores too much for that, which is one reason why she became my maid in the first place. Instead, she will wear them as a reward for being an extra good girl, or when I am feeling particularly mellow and benevolent.

When she is my 'Little Helper', she will not have to stand rigidly at attention, kneel, or curtsey at every conceivable opportunity. She will call me "Miss Daphne" and not "Ma'am" and she will not be caned, or strapped. In fact, we will no longer be Mistress and Maid for the evening, but she will be more like a younger, pinafored, eager-to-please sister. We can both enjoy a more relaxed evening together. It will make a nice change even if it is a short one!

I can see her eyes shining at the thought, but whether it is the idea of the new pinnies, or not being caned for a whole evening, I do not now. I do now. She has just whispered, "Both equally Ma'am".

So thank you very much, Rose, for starting this chain of thought. Any more such ideas?

Sir John  [TVlvrnNJ@AOL.COM] [New Jersey ] There are several ways a firm spanking and caning on her pathetic ass. Make her go through training again, but this time more harsh so that she know her place. You coulod use her as a foot stool. Insert a large butt plug and leave it there for the day. Go shopping and take her along, wearing her maid's outfit. Invite some people over and have her perform in front of them, Ohh I don't maybe.. have sex with a blow up doll. Force her to suck on a large dildo and then take it up her pathetic ass. But most important a harsh spanking must be done so that she know her place, A maid must never disappoint her Mistress, and must do exactly what she is told without question

maid juliet:  she would be required to change into her her french see thru nylon punishment panties worn so tight that caning can be executed without the necessity of removing them. 36 strokes would be administered in the presence of the other sevants. this always arouses the stable boy and she would be required to honour his cock with both her lips and tongue

maid slave jackey:  she needs a good whipping by her mistress

maid:  the maid should be whipped by her Mistress on bare ass and not allowed to eat the whole day.

KathiPVC []  []  [USA]   In my training, i have found it most effective to be ordered to decide my own punishment. Of course, Mistress already has a Plan Of Action and whoa be to me should i submit one less severe! When formulating my plan, i always use Mistress's love of those things i dread the most, and my previous suggestions which in the past have brought that beloved sound of derisive laughter to Her voice, as my guidelines. Of course, the Strap is mandatory, it goes without saying. Mistress bought it for me as a special gift and i love Her for it. It is a heavy duty leather punishment strap and tears the sobs from my throat in very short order, even in my most stubborn of moments. I beg to fetch it and lovingly oil it up if She grants my request. After a long thorough session with the Strap, during which no begging is allowed (gasps and sobs decidedly appreciated) i return the Strap to the bedroom closet and am given corner time with panties down "for reflection". Later, once i've composed myself, will come the obligatory shopping trip. i truly dread it, but you'd never know from the way i go to my knees and beg to be allowed to go on one. There's no pretending at the shops, either. i'm a sissy who loves being a girl and Mistress does not mince words about it to the sales clerk in front of me. Lack of proper shameless enthusiasm gets a quick public face slapping. That doesn't happen much anymore. i've learned my lesson and fairly gush while shopping now. Finally, that evening, i beg Mistress to get out Her strap-on. If i'm a very lucky girl, and don't mind shedding some tears of contrition while begging Mistress to please use Her strap-on on me that night, She'll grant me the privilege. And that's when a maid can do her best apologizing. Words only go so far, but a hungry mouth and an eager ass can show true regret oh so very well. i only hope some Mistress or maid can benefit in some small way from my experience.

Submissively, kathi

Mistress Janet  []  [ ma]  Nothing works so well as a a hairbrush applied to the bare bottom, especially in the presence of others.

Master Ernst  [] I would strecht her cunt

Maid Nykki [] [ ] If a maid is bad, the Mistress should firstly give her a good hard spanking, until she is begging for her to stop. Then she should be harshly spoken to, and slapped once across the face. Then she should be made to face the wall, in the corner, standing with her panties around her ankles. If she asks for her panties to be pulled up, fill them with cold porridge, then make her wear them for at least an hour before allowing her to change.

Maid Hisseyface:  after she has misbehaved she would go to the bedroom and remove her outfit. After it was off I wound give her a sound telling off than tell her to kneel on the chair and put her hands on the floor, than I would give her 50 thrashes on her bare ass.

NN: The Maid Should Be Given Corset Training with her hands handcuffed behind her back

maid christene:  severe punisment

Master:  Strip her of all clothing put her over you knee a spank her bare bottom. then make her clean the house naked and for the rest of the day on the hour she is whiped once with no sleep unless the house is up to your expectations. spank her hard with you hand.

maid [] [UK]  The only way to bring her back on track is a good spanking on the bare bottom with a hairbrush! If this doesn't have the desired results, it's time for the cane.

Mistress Pamela   [UK]  Force her to provide 'toilet maid' services for the next week. She has to live in either the Ladies or the Gents and assist anyone with their toilet, or any other services they desire. Chain her there in one of the cubicles, around her neck to ensure she complies. She'll soon realise what real service will mean. As a small concession, she'll be clad in a black rubber maid's outfit, complete with see-through frilly knickers.

Circulate a flier to all your friends that this service is available. As a special treat take her to the Gents in a shopping mall and leave her there for a few hours.

sissy maid samantha  [] [ San Francisco]  she should have to endure severe cock and ball torture for her disobedience. she should purchase the smallest chastity belt on the market and have her sissy clit locked up for at least six months. More if she complains. that should teach the bitch to obey! Thank You submissively maid samantha

Maid Kendra  [] (Location) [USA, Mass]  As a Maid, my Master would attach a neck harmess with behind the back arm restraints. I am required to kneel in a dark closet for about 30 mins, to think about what I have done. While in the "closet", I must be prepared to answer the following questions, when released. Why I have fallen below standards ? How will I correct the problem ? How will I prevent the promblem from reocurring ? What will be the punishment ? The last question is the most important. If I were the above Maid, I would recommend to my Master, a flogging with a Cat-of-9 Tails (this I had to recommend several times in the past). Once My Master approves the punishment, it must be administered within 72 hours. I am required to supply the whip. I must decide where to have the punishment administered ie, My Master's home, my home or another private place. A witness must also be present. Either I or My Master can provide the a witness (My Master prefers Male Witnesses, but Females are acceptable) I am required to report to my Master, 30 mins prior to the actual time the punishment will be administered. (Usually I request 7PM on a given evening) I report to My Master in my punishment Maids Uniform. It must be freshly laundered, free of wrinkles. It is a red satin uniform, white chiffon petticoat, satin bra, garterbelt, black hose, 6 inc! h red leather highheel shoes, NO Panties. I'm required to wear a black belt about the waist. I kneel in front of My Master, present him the whip of my choice. I bow my head and ask for forgiveness. He accepts. I turn around, bend at the waist, hands on my knees, and a butt plug is inserted. I stand at attention, as he unzipps the upper half of my uniform, down to the waist belt, then my bra is removed. I turn around and face Him (I'm naked above the waist) as he attached leather wrist straps to my wrists. I'm escorted to the flogging area. The witness accompanies us. My arms are secured above my head to a ceiling hook. My leggs are spread and secured by an ankle-spreader. The witness is seated in a chair, directly in front of me. He/She usually wears a black satin floor lenght robe. My Master wears a black leather vest, black leather crotchless pants and a satin hood. I am not permitted to wear a gag. My Master enjoys hearing me mown and scream. A hairdryer, is secured to the ankle-spreader and turned on to the high heat setting. This blows warm air between my spread legs. I am required to maintain an erection. If I go soft, the flogging is stopped, until ! I become erect again. It is the job of the witness to monitor the state of my penis. He/She is required to lift the front of my petticoat, from time to time, to check it's condition. No touching is allowed. I am flogged until my back , chest area and abdomen are covered with red stripes. I have no idea how long this takes. Towards the end, I usually have low level screams. When I'm released, I must replace my bra and zipp-up myself. If the witness is a male,I must perform oral sex on him, and thank him for witnessing my flogging, then I perform oral sex on my Master and thank Him for the the honor of flogging me. If the witness is female, I must thank her for witnessing my flogging and then kiss and lick the bottom of her feet. These sessions usually take place about once every 4-6 weeks. They work very well, and I better serve My Master.

maid debbie  spanked on bare botty

Maid Jennifer  My mistress thought I was disobedant because I was screaming too much durring my whippings. She divised this system to punish me. Every morning I am given a four quart enemma, then my ass is plugged. I also must drink six glasses of water. Then I am tightly bound with my hands above my head. I must stand like this in six inch heels until my mistress comes home from work, usually nine or ten hours. My mouth is gagged, and I wear a complete uniform including a tight corset. If she is in a good mood, I may be allowed to releave myself when she gets home. Sometimes she won't let me until I have finished my chores. This has been going on for over a month now.

Master  stripped and spanked

Sir Galahard [Boston] The proper, and best, way to conduct training in through thoughtful and percise instruction. Correction would begin with securing the maid in position which allows her to see, but not heard. Interviews with potential replacements, with demonstrations of the loyalties and skills, would take place in front of the bondaged maid. These trials would take place over the course of a couple of days, where examples of proper ettiqutte, sexual service and the art of proper punishment will take place. The maid will be given reprive over this period only to relieve herself, washing and forced masterbation in front of her potential replacements. After such time there will be a 48 hour probationary period which new limits in submission must be met.

Master Michael [] I would first spank her then i would make her clean my shoes with her tongue. Then if that didn't work I would take her to the dungeon and treat her to a little session there.

Master Chicken [lucyloose2000@mailcity] [Pahcuw, Tennessee] I buy her a new outfit and send her to work at Jack N the Box!

maid erica [(c/o)] [ u.k.] when i am too disobedient, my Mistress puts me under 'strict discipline' for a period - days or weeks. this means constant work, daily punishment apart from any i might have earned from carelessness etc., especial care over courtesy, extra watchfulness over my degree of servility, etc.

Maid Casey [] [ ] [NJ] A maid needs to know her role, and to help her she should be shown her role, whether it be by suffering such as sleep deprivation, humiliation, or pain. Maybe then she/he would realize that they are not worthy of their master and all that matters is that the master is happy. Maybe if you didn't feed the maid until she finally just broke down and repeat until her spirits are broken.

Master Tom I will spank her with my hand, haibrush, strap and cane when needed. I have also purchased a whip to be used on her ass or other places as I deem neccesary. A butt plug will always be used before any spanking is given.

Miss Ellen Stern scolding followed by cornertime to think of her misdeeds, panties down & skirts up of course, a good hard spanking with the mistresses hairbrush and made to spend the rest of the day in the corner, except when attending to her mistresses needs. The day should end with another good spanking so she can spend the night thinking about it. She must greet her rising mistress the next morning with her morning tea and the hairbrush in case the mistress feels the lesson needs to be reinforced.

Maid Margie The naughty maid must be punished by the following: a spanking by the master with His choice of the paddle, tawse,strap,tawse or cane. It will be bare ass spanking with a butt plug inserted before punishment. Also a cat'o'nine tail whip be used on her cunt. Her nipples must be secured with clamps. After her required punishment the maid must present herself kneeling with an open mouth ready to recieve her Master's cock. Next her anal opening will be available for her Masters desires.

Master Ticle her cunt with a feather duster

Maid [Wilmington] Total deprivation, humilization, and restrictive bondage----she will be stripped of the beautiful uniform placed in the most tightest and firmest corsets she has---locked on----reducing her waist 2 more inches than normal and more rigid with curved back stays--giving her a more pronounced curve to her spine----and making her butt stick out more wearing 6 inch heel shoes--locked on having her take two quarts of cold water in an enema----with a sealable butt plug---to hold the liquid in for 30 minutes----tying her hand to the corset bar and locking them there for the 30 minute period----blind folding her-----plugging her ears to prevent any sound to he said or heard---using an inflatable gag ------placing her in a faceless , black hood ----using large nipple clamps with half pound weights ----using a 5 inch posture collar to keep her erect while tied -----having her have a safely signal to beg for forgiveness---placing her balls in a sling and tying them to the leg stretche! r which she is clamped to -----after 30 minutes-----remove the gag, remove the blindfold----you begin to tickle her ---while she is begging for relief from the enema------using a rivetted paddle, spank her tender bottom 25 times each side until it is red and a beet -----forbidding her to cry while being paddled ----place a weight (about 4 pounds to the strap around her balls -----release her wrists from the bar----place them in a cross fold position behind her back -----place her in the walk in shower---tie her arms to a hook in the ceiling ----pull her until she is bent forward and cannot reach higher ----and paddle her with a pepper soaked clothe on her redden butt ----have her ask premissioin to have the retaining plug removed from her butt ----let her releave her self of the emema ----using cold water----rince her of all the liquid from her butt ----lubricate her butt with vick's vapor rub --insert a very large inflating butt plus ---inflate it untul she is begging for forgiveness ---retie her to the! corset bar ---- re adjust the corset even tighter thaan before----remobve the wieght from her balls ----remove the stretching bar from her anmkles -----place a 8 inch chain to her ankles ----- lock on her 6 inch heel shoes -----place her hands in cuffs and attach them to her posture collar with 12 inch chains-----re insert her mouth gag, one with a deep penis gag -----place a black hood which can be seen through---making her able to be see but she will be a black hooded faceless sissy for every one to see-----no food or water for 48 hours---while she cleans up the mess in the shower.

maid triin:  5 hours kneeling

MaidBeryl Hutton :  It happened to me once - AND ONCE ONLY. Into the CAGE. When my MISTRESS finally unlocked me ..........i never disobeyed again.......YOU know how to deal with your property, MISTRESS.

Oh, one final thing - INSTRUCT YOUR PROPERTY to repeat as many times as YOU wish - PRETTY PINK PETTICOATS etc. etc. After 20 minutes, in a mincing girls voice, YOUR PROPERTY won't be wanting to be a slave-girl anymore. Too bad!. I know - it happened to me once......Oh, by the way - THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING of slave' punishment . More to follow if YOU, REVERED MISTRESS SO WISH.

Mistress Dorothy:  Never in my life have I seen such a pathetic little wimp. It enjoys its little submissive games. NOT WITH ME, it wouldn't. Employ your maid to frock, petticoat it, make it up etcetera, et-boring-cetera for one hour. Let it be in seventh heaven. Then, bind and gag it. Then your fun starts - not its. Fine in principle. But, not in practice. Untie it, ungag it and lock it into a cage. Safe, Secure. When you want to come back to it, it will be only too willing too SUBMIT. Of course you will have your fun with it. And then you will send it packing.

Safety first. Enjoy yourself. It won't - 30 seconds after you leave the room with it SAFELY secured. Repeat SAFELY. It won't enjoy what you do to it when you release it from its SAFE confinement. BUT YOU WILL.

Maid Angela [] [Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK. NR30 3JL ]  I have read all the suggestions for the punishment of this maid. There are certainly some wonderful suggestions. I am always punished with the riding crop, cane or whip given so hard that I hope desperately each stroke is the last one. I am never told how many strokes I am going to get. I note that there were several suggestions that the maid should be stood in a corner. I cant see this as a punishment. If by some chance I have finished my tasks and my mistress it not available to give me another I always go and stand in a corner facing the wall with my hands behind my back. This is not punishment it is storage. I am a piece of household equipment and when not in use I must be stored. On one occassion I stood in the kitchen in darkness for three hours while my master and mistress watched TV. No trouble to them but available should they need anything. They didn't and eventually retired to bed but not before I was given a dozen with the pony whip which was the punishments I had accumulated during the day.

Mistress Vera  DON'T waste your time on the maid - hereafter to be referred to as 'it'. Frock it, Petticoat it, make it feel like a million dollars -TO BEGIN WITH. Then lock it away in its cage. For as long as YOU like - but SAFELY. Then, when YOU feel like it - take it out and begin. Done properly, it will be yours for life. YOUR property. No human rights. Always remember. Look after it - and you have an investment for LIFE.>

Maid Beryl Hutton  I've been on the 'right track' for nearly four years now. MISTRESS YVONNE has seen to that. Feminised, captured and enslaved. No individual rights or preferences. If only I had my time again! But Idon't. Iam helpless. I am my MISTRESSES PROPERTY. Think carefully about being caught - like me. Never think you can tell a MISTRESS 'fun things' about male slave-maids. They will lure you into the trap. TO BEGIN WITH you will LOVE it. Then you are caught. Take care - IT COULD BE YOU....

Slave Maid Beryl Hutton  Anyone want to say how you can capture and enslave me? Curtsey, curtsey.

Maid Melissa  [] [Ontario] First of all the maid must tell her mistress how she feels she should be punished. The mistress should take the sissy on a very humiliating shopping trip. The sissy/maid must be made to pick out a dozen pairs of very frilly panties. He/She then must take the panties to the sales girl and ask her if she thinks he has the proper size to fit him. He must tell the girl/clerk that this is his punishment for being caught masterbating into his mistress panties. He must then ask to use the dressing room to put a pair of panties before curtsing and thanking the girl before leaving.

Master of the Domain  My maid, who would always wear a short french maid's outfit (red, black, or pink) would be forced to massage my penis intill it became hard, then "she" would be forced to give me a oral sex. Then "she" would have to lick all th excess semen from my penis, and of course "she" would have to swallow it all up.

Master Stroke  I would bend her over a chair take down her panties, give her a jolly good spanking I would then stick my cock up her arse and ride her until I just about to cum then pull it out and spunk all over her nice clean uniform.

Maid [] [] [Scotland] The maid must be made to obey! She should be collered trained. And whiped into shape & told that her privileges to dress as a maid will be withdrawn. Her desire to wear a dress & to serve will bring her back into line. She will be most greatfull to her mistress. And will obey willingly.

Maid [] [] [Scotland] The maid desires to be feminine,to submit to her mistress, to be dressed as a french sissy maid. Perhaps it's the mistress who needs training. The sissy is willing and desires to serve in her maid's uniform. The mistress must get into the mind of her sissy maid and recognize, her desire to being feminized, in service dressed as a maid. For to be denied her female name,her petti,french maid's uniform, and service to her mistress would bring the sissy to suicide. The sissy wishes her daintyness to continue. It brings her great delight. Her desire is to be excepted as a submisive girl and to bring joy and service to her mistress. The mistress needs only to know that her slave is her's willingly. So use the knowledge to bring both the mistress & submisive joy to both. A sissy maid wishes to be accepted and feel normal to dress & serve her mistress. To be denied her skirts, her mistress to serve, and someone who accepts her as a sub sissy maid would in it's self be enough to bring the sissy girl to hell where she desires to be. Honey catchs more bees! The mistress accepts the sissy & encourages her sissy ways. She must instruct her submisive to see it as a right & privilege to dress & serve. Which could be withdrawn from her. Her sissyness privileges withdrawn would prevail to bring her to heel where she wishes to be, proving that the mistress loves her. The mistress has the upper hand at all times. Her maid comes to her willingly to learn & be trained to serve dressed and petticoated.