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Sissy Maid Amanda is from Glouchester

Maid Amanda is Registered Maid #22

Sissy Maid Amanda live in London, and tells us:

I have been an enthusiastic cross dresser since a very young age and on and off sissy maid since the early 1980s. Lately I am content to simply try acting cute and looking pretty because my curent partner is not at all sure that she wants to relinquish the domestic role to me (prefering to leave most of it to a professional cleaner). Gasps of astonished dissapproval emiting from the purists, do i hear? "Why does he allow this to happen"? Basically because I can! "Call himself a proper maid!!!", I hear the cry? No, not really these days. I mean, I wouldn't object but it is what it is!

Maid Amanda is Registered Maid 22

Maid Tia lives in Weston Super Mare North Somerset. Shee is looking for a permenant position with a Mistress serving her 24/7.

Maid Tia is Registered Maid #22

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