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Maid Sophie Marie lives in Aberystwyth

Maid Sophie Marie is Registered Maid 22

Sissy Maid Rachael is a 39 year old northen Ohio area sissy maid with referances. She can clean in full maids attire Monday through Thursday after 3:00 PM and all day on Fridays. She:

  • will clean for single females or couples.
  • passes 100 percent in public as a genetic girl.
  • does not mind being exposed to others as a sissy maid.
  • understands proper protocol.
  • is very submissive and very fem acting when being a maid.
  • excepts any punishment for un-happy work inspections

She once tried auctioning off her maid services on Ebay, using the pic on the upper left!

Maid Rachael is Registered Maid #22

Sissy Maid Amanda lives in England.

Maid Amanda is Registered Maid #22

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