Maids around the World

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Maid Heather lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

As Mistress Marie has developed cancer she has instructed me to register myself here in hopes that someone may require my services before she passes away. She looks forward to hearing any responses and will be the one to select any position this undeserving maid may be offered.

Maid Heather is Registered Maid #22


Sissy Maid Michelle from North America tells us:

My favorite style are form fitting bouffant gowns of the fifties, I am very influenced by actresses of that period wearing those gorgeous dresses. Like most TVs, I love french maid dresses and I love the feel of a bra and girdle along with the petticoat underneath a maid's outfit. I do have a thing for sexy boots and long gloves, not practical for doing housework, but it sure is fun to prance around in such an outfit.

Sissy Maid Michelle is Registered Maid #22

Maid Pauline lives in Tasmania, Australia. As one can see, she prefers the "Plain Jane" sytle of maid attire.

Maid Pauline is Registered Maid #22

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