Maid Lisbeth's Uniforms

Here you can see my maid's outfits. The one to the far left is a Mrs.Silk's creation made in royal blue rustling Taffeta. The next is my first uniform. It is made by Weather Vain in London, and is made in Latex. The following two are delivered by Fashion World International. Number three from left is called "Victorian Maid's Dress" and the other one "Long Sleeve Latex Maid's Outfit". The uniform to the far right is one of Sealwear's models, also made in Latex.

Call for the maid

To have a look at Lisbeth obediently performing her duties all dressed up in any of these uniforms, you just have to make your selection from the list below

Maid Lisbeth and her Mrs. Silk's Uniform

Maid Lisbeth and her Latex Maid Uniform

Maid Lisbeth and her Sealwear Uniform

Maid Lisbeth and her Victorian Maid Uniform

Maid Lisbeth and her Weather Vain Uniform