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Maids Wanted

Are You looking for a new maid? For domestic services? For training? Would You prefer the maids to send applications for interviews to You, rather than You having to do all the search and e-mail writing?

If yes, then all You have to do is to send a description of the position, and Your requirements, to
The Web Maid for inclusion in this section.

#01-34:   Wanted Archives 1998-2001

#35 Ms. Maria (Maid Keeper)

Beauty Salon Sissy Maid

I am in search of a real sissy maid to work in my beauty salon in New Jersey on Saturdays. You must be a fem type male with long hair. Don't want any wigs in my shop. Your hair will be permed by my staff and you will always have a fem hairdo. At work you will wear a maid's dress, heels, makeup, etc., but you will use your normal voice. Don't want to hide the fact that you are a real SISSY. Your duties will consist of catering to my staff and clientele, sweeping and mopping, cleaning the restroom, polishing the mirrors, and if ther are no chores to be done you will stand facing the wall holding up a coin to the wall with your nose until you are needed by staff or clientele. If this interests you or you have any questions write to Ms. Maria at Good Luck

Posted: 18 September 2003

#36 Zeus

Maid Needed in Aberdeen UK

I am looking for a maid in Aberdeen UK. I am able to offer the right girl a number of benefits, these will include a maid to measure uniform, plenty of oportunity to serve as a maid, flexible but regular working arrangements. There will be a trial period, as I have had maids let me down in the past. After this period, the maid will be given her new uniform.

Posted: 18 October 2003

#37 Mz G

Sissy Maid Needed in Detroit

I live in SE Michigan - the Detroit area. I seek an intelligent, well-grounded, honest and sincere sissy maid to serve Me in a variety of ways. Your duties will include thoroughly cleaning designated rooms, basic laundry and perhaps serving at small private dinner parties attended by My 'scene friendly' acquaintances. You will also direct My slave and assist in his training in 'matters domestic' and other areas of servitude so that he can further develop his talents. You, sissy, will wear your sissy-maid uniform at all times (I prefer the tapping of high heels) and your work will be closely supervised; you WILL meet My exacting standards! You may contact me via e-mail through this website. DO NOT send any attachments - those e-mails will be deleted without being read! If you provide a link to pictures of you (preferably in your uniform) then I will review.

Mz G (c/o WebMaid)

27 Aug 06   UPDATE:   Mail bounces! Mz G, please update your email!

#38 Mrs & mister

Maid wanted in Melbourne, Australia

Experienced, lifestyle, strict Female Domme (27) and t/v male sub/switch (32) seek willing, fun and genuine adult for sissy maid duties in Melbourne, Australia. This position will involve keeping our house clean on a weekly basis, waiting on us and being our plaything.

You will be a cute little submissive seeking house duties, humiliation, chastity and a firm hand. We hope to meet someone exceptional, intelligent and in control of their own life and willing to share and enter in ours.

You'll be between 25 and 35, single, open minded, down to earth, responsible, fun, willing to serve us both and highly pervertable. If you think you fit the bill then apply for the position and tell us a bit about yourself. Photos of you whilst sissified will get you extra brownie points.

One line responses will be cheerfully ignored. Mrs & mister (c/o WebMaid)

#39 Mistress Paris

Mistress and Master require 24/7 live-in Maids

We are an experienced, very attractive couple who have trained over 30 French Maids in the past few years.

We are seeking more maids to come and live with us for short periods - with possibly a full time live in position to an exceptional French Maid.

We live in Ireland and are very easy to get to from 3 airports in England.

Mistress Paris

Posted: 31 December 2003

#40 Mistress Clare

London Mistress Requires Maids

Mistress seeks real sub maids to serve at parties twice a month in London.

You must have your own uniform(s), etc.

Apply by joining my group Mistress Clare of London

Mistress Clare

Posted: 18 Jan 2004

#41 Boss

Submissive Maid needed part-time;
may lead to full time.

I am looking for a Submissive Maid to come and work in my home. This may lead to a Full time position.
I will accept a Genetic Woman or Passable CD/TV/TG
I am Located in Northern, Ontario, Canada
I am a Fit, 5 foot 11 inches, Single-38 yr old Dom. (Yet Kind) Master
I will pay all expense's when you are here.
This position is for True Submissive's only!
Please send a Photo an a Bio on why i should let you be my French Maid and Sub-Girl Here is your chance to Serve me ...
Hurry Slut! This Position will be Filled Quickly

Posted: 04 Feb 2004

#42 TV Mistress Laurie

TV Mistress Laurie Seeks Genetic Girl or Transvestite
for FULL-Time/PART-Time FRENCH MAID Postion.


I'm Mistress Laurie, I am Beautiful, Blonde, and 38 y.o., and seeking a very submissive slave/maid, for my personal service. If you are interested send me an e-mail with your photos in uniform. Here are a list of rules that you will have to follow if you want be my slave/maid. Answer and comment your opinion about every rule. I await your answer soon.

1.- During the day you always will have to put on your maid uniform.

2.- Never speak without permit.

3.- You Must Curtsey when entering my Presence.

4.- You must go to shopping with your maid uniform on.

5.- Your duties as maid will be, house cleaning, laundry, cooking, ironing, dishes, clean the windows, clean my car, clean dirty toilets and other things.

6.- Failure to preform your duties will led to punishment, the boundaries of which we can discuss.

7.- You will write me a full letter disclosing your needs as my Fench maid.

8.- This may lead to a Full time position for the right candidate.

Apply now all Real Girls and Transvestite's that wish to Serve Sexy Laurie.

Posted: 03 Mar 2004

#43 Mistress Elaine Gallant

Oregon: Transgendered or
VERY Submissive male Maid

Full time, 24/7 ownership for a devoted maid. I am very experienced at all forms of discipline.

Maid must be willing to turn over total control to me, and be ready to be owned totally. Private Oregon estate.

Maid must have some form of outside income such as retirement, trust fund, SSI, or other.

write with any questions.

Posted:     16 Mar 2004
RePosted: 06 Apr 2004

#44 Maid Violet and Dom Wife

Seeking Couple Autoritary In UK

[MAID] [VIOLET], cross dress of 37 years, searches with its wife 39 years, for holidays, or WEEK END, in England, loving couple, cross dresser maid, to serve at table breakfast, lunch and dinner, for the [THE], [MAID] [VIOLET] is available at: serving at table also group of your friends , with uniform from maid, linen from woman and high hells . If you will want it yes at: [BUTT] [PLUG], [BONDAGE], [COCK] [SUCKING], and humiliation,but like fucking female. pics at:

Maid Violet's Photos

Thanks for the reply,


Posted: 20 Apr 2004

#45 Ms Dee

Sissy Maid Training

I AM A VERY DOMINANT RUBBERCLAD TV MISTRESS that enjoys the companionship/service of HER "properly uniformed domestic maid servants" NJ/NY/pa...... you WILL view My photos at yahoo clubs...under chastity belts ...DMATHIS...ENJOY!!!

you WILL send ME a photo(properly uniformed of course) and a brief description as to why you should be selected to SERVE ME!


Posted: 19 Apr 2004

#46 Mistress Penelope

Victorian House in Kent Requires Lifestyle Undermaid

Lady Penelope requires a lifestyle undermaid to assist her senior lifestyle maid Madam FiFi in the maintainence of her large victorian house in Kent. Applicants should ideally be based in Kent and be available as and when required and be reliable and punctual and should send their details to c/o WebMaid

Posted: 21 May 2005

#47 Mistress Julie

North Birmingham: Maid required for house work and general cleaning duties.

We are looking for a TV / CD maid for house work and general cleaning duties. My partner is a TV and we fully understand the needs of the maid. That said we have several conditions which must be strictly adhered to. Normal clothing to be worn entering and leaving the house. Hours to suit Mistress Julie. NO PAYMENT either way and this position is subject to an interview and selection. There will be no sexual interaction of any kind but the maid may expect and with good behaviour receive a suitable spanking / flogging. You are to supply your own clothing and accesories and light bondage that will not impede housework may be allowed. Maids with the ability to do some DIY would be prefered but this is not essential. Please email us if you require any more details or wish to apply.

Mistress Julie.

Posted: 22 May 2005

#48 Mistress Venus

West Yorkshire: Genuine CD/TV maid wanted

I hope this might be read by a someone who genuinely wishes to serve in the household of a mature Dominant lady residing in West Yorkshire with her full-time boywife. Timewasters, and wanabees need not apply.

I seek a docile and submissive CD/TV maid who is genuinely more interested in serving as a housemaid, rather than someone who simply wants to flounce around in a maid's uniform flicking a feather duster!

Service would mostly be required at weekends, and private overnight accommodation will be provided if and when necessary. There is a possibility in the future of being required to serve at parties and dinners. There is no question of any sexual service being required by either myself or my boywife.

The ideal candidate will be convincingly feminine when dressed, preferably less than 5 foot 6 inches tall, and with a slim build. Experience would be preferred, but training will be given to the right candidate if she shows promise. If you provide your own uniform, it must be of a sober and respectable kind, i.e. NOT a frilly or flouncy french maid type costume, but a sensible dark coloured dress, of at least knee length or more, with apron and cap, and suitable stockings and shoes. Uniform may be provided if the candidate proves suitable and worth the investment.

To apply, email me with details of your background, hobbies and interests and experience (if any). Preference will be given to application including suitable photographs. Successful candidates will be invited to an informal interview at a later date.

Mistress Venus
c/o Webmaid

Posted: 29 May 2005

#49 Lady Pandora

Shaw, Oldham: Genuine Domestic Maid Required

I require a genuine Domestic Maid to help with my housework and perhaps admin duties for the right person.

I am a professional Disciplinarian; I need a reliable, honest girl to assist me and am happy to provide CP in return. I work on a reward and punishment basis and request that you do not waste my valuable time if you are not prepared to work hard. Training available for the right person. Please apply via email.

Lady Pandora
c/o Webmaid

Posted: 29 May 2005

#50 Mistress Eisa

Columbus Ohio: sissy maid position offered.

Currently this position will be part time with some overnight service and weekends.

You will be a working maid in an actual working maids uniform, as well as a full frilly sissy maid.
This is a MTF/TS/TG/CD position. NO MEN.

I am searching for a mature serious maid, who will do actual house work and care for my personal needs and personal items. I am more interested in your submission and serious interest in service to me than how many frills you own and how cute your are in them.

While your appearance matters a great deal to me, first and foremost you must have a deep need to serve and submit. While in my service you will be completely feminine, not a ~Sman in a dress~T. Nothing less than a ~Sproper girl~T will be accepted to be trained and disciplined, as I desire. Your limits will be respected.
Only a lifestyle, submissive sissy maid girl needs to apply. You must be single, unattached, non smoking, disease free.

I am a Lifestyle 24/7 non-op TS Domme with decades of experience in the scene.

Further details available upon contact. Emails with attachments will not be opened.

you may contact me at Mistress Eisa

Posted: 04 Aug 2006

#51 Mistress Ophelia aka Hells Goddess

London, England

I have a position available for a maid to assist in the running and upkeep of my wonderful London-based chambers. In addition to cleaning my equipment you will be on call to serve both me and other Mistresses as our personal maid for all duties we require.

This is the ideal opportuntiy for a maid, sissy or TV who really yearns to let go and embace their inner feminine nature.

Apply my email to with details of your experience (not essential) and how you will serve me.

Posted: 04 Aug 2006

#52 Mistress Nancy

Chicago, USA

I am a domme CD in need of a male CD sissy maid for service.
Should be cute...have own uniforms..and be somewhat passable.
Will serve at my home in suburbs of Chicago.
Cleaning....laundry....and any services I shall require.
Disobedient maids will be punished!!!
Send applications.............

Mistress Nancy
c/o Webmaid

Posted: 04 Aug 2006

#53 Mistress JA Moran

Phoenix, Arizona

I live in south of Phoenix and north of Tucson, Arizona seeking an intelligent, well-grounded, honest and sincere sissy maid to serve on the farm in a variety of ways. Your duties will include thoroughly cleaning designated rooms, basic laundry and perhaps feeding and tending the growing flock of poultry. You, sissy, may wear your sissy-maid uniform, jeans, or thighboots and a catsuit. Your work will be supervised; you will assist with all farm duties including errands. any errands will be run in your uniform or costume.

WILL meet My exacting standards! You may contact me via e-mail DO NOT send any attachments without asking first. Once I receive your e-mail I will give you the contact phone number and directions to the farm.

Mistress JA Moran

Posted: 27 Aug 2006

#54 Mistress Victoria

Los Angeles, California

Maid wanted for LTR or RTR in Los Angeles

This is a very serious position. Will help complete transition and/or total feminization. Looking for real 24/7 or real time Maid to help very busy Mistress and Transgender activist.

Must be willing to turn yourself over totally. I am lifestyle domme. Only requirements are obdience and complete loyality. There will be time to see if you are compatible to my life style.

You will always be in your uniforms at my apartment and at SM club events. Eventually you will live as a woman. Must love bondage, punishment, dildos and oral.

I will make you the best girl you can be.

If your wishes are my wishes, they will be taken into consideration, but your job is to serve me.

Posted: 27 Sep 2006

#55 Mistress Vx


Two Maids required

to assist Mistress. Hello,

I am based in Aberdeenshire and would like at least 2 maids, i will require them to be able to work along side myself and alone at times. They must be very clean and hygienic and be able to carry out everyday tasks to a very high standard.

Thank you very much.

Mistress Vx
c/o Webmaid

Posted: 19 Oct 2006

#56 Mistress Tormentrix


I am looking for a PRESENTABLE RELIABLE maid living within reasonable travelling distance of Nottingham to assist in occasional photoshoots / dressing sessions. The candidate will be polite at all times, well presented ( a uniform may be provided for size 12 and under ), adaptable and discrete.

Mid-week availability would be an asset but not essential. Duties include light domestic chores including some minor food preparation, cleaning and sewing etc, plus moving & assembly of Bondage equipment when appropriate. No fees are involved and this is not a sexual service. The successful applicant will however not be easily shocked, and should be prepared to take part in scenario's and assist Mistress as required.

This is a real ad so no time-wasters please. Mail me with vital stats and a full-face photo showing your eyes. Please note that if you are an unpractised TV simply looking for a thrill, or large / tall / hairy / ancient, then it is wholly unlikely you will be acceptable - sorry!!

You can see some pics here

Mistress Tormentrix
c/o Webmaid

Posted: 01 Nov 2006